Podcast superstar Joe Rogan seemed to have touched a sore point when he suggested a Trump-era White House press secretary was far better than her Biden administration successor, Jen Psaki.

Rogan made the comments in his podcast with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“She was a propagandist, I mean, when she was working for the White House, she was that person who answered questions, and mostly, the tough questions all came from Peter Doocy on Fox News, he was like the only guy who hit back at them,” Rogan said.

“And she just fucking lied, not just on one occasion but on multiple occasions,” he added. “I mean, maybe they had a story they told her, maybe those are talking points, maybe that’s their job.”

He went on to say that he found the job funny.

“The only one that was good was this girl, McEnany, what’s her name? Kayleigh McEnany, the one who worked for Trump, that lady was a bloody assassin. This lady had binders with footnotes like that,” Rogan continued.

“This lady was the best there has ever been in this job,” he added. “She’s the friggin’ Michael Jordan of the White House press secretary. She’s a damn wizard.”

Psaki fans were outraged that Rogan would make such a proposal and took to social media to register their anger.

“Jen Psaki was an educated, articulate professional. Plain and simple. Joe Rogan is a professional idiot only interested in enriching himself. Do you see the difference?” read a popular answer.

“Joe Rogan is a useless piece of shit and he needs to keep the Jen Psaki name out of his ignorant mouth,” it said a tweet.

“This whole trend is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Joe Rogan wouldn’t make it out of the first 10 seconds in any fight with Jen Psaki. Rogan’s fucking idiot compared to Jen. It would be like Tweety Bird in a ring with a pit bull,” wrote another critic.

“Joe Rogan is a fucking idiot. Jen Psaki put the fool Douchy in his place on a daily basis. Kaylee McEneny had a binder full of blank pages. God damn I hate how many people listen to his idiots every day.” read another tweet.

Rogan also angered many on the left when he said on the same podcast that the only way to avoid another damaging pandemic lockdown is to vote Republican.

Here’s a snippet from the Rodgers-Rogan podcast:

Joe Rogan urges listeners to ‘vote Republican’, slams Dems’ COVID-19 ‘mistakes’ New York Post


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