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Lizzo tells her fans to put on Bf Myke Wright posters when she’s on stage; He says “Chris Evans is not my man”


Lizzo is currently making headlines after she reminded her fans during an Instagram Live that she only has eyes for her boyfriend, Myke Wright. During her performance in Chicago, she said onstage, “I think it was at the last show I just did, somebody had a big cut of Chris Evans’ face.” After seeing Evan’s poster in the crowd, she decides to make an important public announcement.

Lizzo asks her fans to put Myke Wright on their posters

During the announcement, Lizzo said, “Chris Evans ain’t my man. My man.” [Myke Wright] And he’s fine as hell.” She asked her fans that if they really wanted to impress her they should put Myke on their posters. “I want to see his tender face when I’m on stage.” Immediately afterward, two audience members carried giant prints of Wright’s face over the barrier into the gig. The singer joked, “Can I have one? for scientific purposes” while taking a selfie with them.

Speaking of Lizzo and Evans’ friendship, the duo debuted in 2021. Lizzo shared a video on TikTok where she said, “Don’t drink and DM, kids,” while putting together her initial video to show Evans’ response, “No shame drunk DM.” Since then, the singer has booed the actor and even joked about having his baby.

Lizzo and Mike Wright’s relationship

For the uninitiated, Lizzo and Wright were friends for years before they started to date in April 2022 and made their relationship Instagram official almost a year later. “We don’t play any games with each other anymore. We’re so trapped. It’s official. There’s no one else I’m going to be with my whole life,” she told the tabloid.

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