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Machine Gun Kelly breaks his silence on awkward F1 interview; Details inside


Machine Gun Kelly recently found himself in the spotlight for an unexpected reason: an 

uncomfortably awkward interview at the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix. The video clip of his interaction with Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle quickly went viral, leaving fans and critics speculating about what exactly happened during this awkward interview. 

Machine Gun Kelly’s uncomfortable F1 interview

In the now-viral video, Machine Gun Kelly and Martin Brundle engage in one of its kind conversations, retrieved via Page Six, during the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix in São Paulo, Brazil. As Brundle attempts to discuss Kelly’s career amid the deafening sounds of racing cars, the musician retorts, “I don’t think about my career. I don’t think about it.” This response, coupled with other odd exchanges, left many viewers bewildered.

Brundle, known for his occasional awkward encounters with celebrities during racing events, eventually asked Kelly for his thoughts on F1 racing. Kelly humorously replied that the sport is loud, and it excites people because their lives are on the line. “It’s loud, your life’s on the line … that’s exciting,” Kelly stated. He also mentioned a recent encounter with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton in a music studio.

The exchange took a more unusual turn when Kelly asked Brundle for an impromptu air guitar performance. The British commentator declined, explaining that he couldn’t play the guitar and had previously learned the piano. Kelly persisted, suggesting they engage in an “air piano and air guitar collaboration.” As the discomfort escalated, Kelly decided to break into his imaginary guitar performance. This move seemed to catch Brundle off guard, and he urged Kelly to continue alone since millions were watching. All this ended the encounter on a rather awkward note.

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Machine Gun Kelly addresses his awkward F1 interview

Following the cringe-inducing interview, Machine Gun Kelly took to social media to address the situation. He expressed his anxiety and discomfort with public interviews, which some fans speculated was in reference to the F1 incident. “My anxiety has won. I hate being in public,” tweeted. 

As netizens exploit the internet highlighting Kelly’s awkward interview, Kelly went ahead and defended himself stating, “My vibe is “the worst” how? because someone put a microphone in my face essentially forcing me to do a random interview when I was just trying to enjoy an event? because the car engines were so loud I couldn’t hear him? Please tell me more about why I’m the worst.”

Whether it was an honest miscommunication or just an unusual exchange, this viral interview added another layer to the enigmatic persona of the twin flame artist as the interviewer, Brundle continues with his tradition of awkward celebrity interviews. 

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