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Elvis Cinematographer Mandy Walker broke a glass ceiling on Sunday, becoming the first woman to win the American Society of Cinematographers Award in Film Competition during the 37th ASC Awards.

The crowd at the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom erupted in applause and Walker gave a long standing ovation as he called her name.

“This is for all the women who’ve won this award after me,” she said to rapturous applause, looking out for more women who are breaking more glass ceilings. “Thejs is an inclusive acting community,” she said, adding, “I didn’t cry, I thought I would.”

I thanked Elvis director Baz Luhrmann for allowing her to “create magic with him”; Kathryn Martin for “supporting and inspiring. And her crew to “dance with the camera and fly with the camera” during Austin Butler’s performance as Elvis.

Walker’s bold lens Elvis She topped a field that included ASC International Award winner Darius Khondji for BardotAnd False record of a handful of facts; Roger Dickens The Empire of Light; Greig Fraser for Batman; and Claudio Miranda for Top Gun: Maverick.

Walker was the third woman ever to be nominated for an ASC competition and the third woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award. Rachel Morrison was nominated for both awards in 2018 muddyfollowed by Ari Wegner, who is nominated for both in 2022 dog power.

With the ASC award, Walker is close to becoming the first woman to win an Academy Award in Cinematography. She was nominated for an Academy Award alongside Dickens, Khondji, All Quiet on the Western Front DP James Friend’s tar DP Florian Hofmeister. In seven of the past 10 years, the winner of the ASC competition has gone on to win an Oscar for cinematography.

Iranian-French cinematographer Khondji – whose credits also include Immigrant, Evita And Se7en He won the ASC International Award during the ceremony.

Special honors were also awarded to Stephen Goldblatt, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award; Viola Davis, Board of Governors Award; Charlie Lieberman, President’s Award; Fred Murphy, Career Achievement in Honor of Television; Nicholson Medal, Curtis Clark Artistic Achievement Award.

List of winners follows.

Film Feature Nominees

Roger Dickens, ASC, BSC for The Empire of Light (photo searchlight)
Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS for Batman (Warner Bros.)
Darius Khondji, ASC, AFC for favour Bardot, False record of a handful of facts (Netflix)
Claudio Miranda, ASC for Top Gun: Maverick (paramount pictures)
Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS for Elvis (Warner Bros.) (WINNER)

Spotlight Award

Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, DFF for war sailor (DCM Film) (WINNER)
Kate McCullough, International Study Centre The quiet girl (excellent)
Andrew Wheeler God’s country (IFC Films)

non-commercial one-hour television series episode]

John Conroy, ASC, ISC for westworld – “Années Folles” (HBO / HBO MAX)
Kathryn Goldschmidt Dragon house – “The Lord of the Tides” (HBO / HBO MAX)
Alejandro Martinez for Dragon house – “The Green Council” (HBO / HBO MAX)
David Mullen, ASC for The wonderful Mrs. Maisel – “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” (Prime Video) (WINNER)
Alex Nepomniaschy, ASC for The wonderful Mrs. Maisel – “It’s All Belmore” (Prime Video)
Nicholas Summerer 1899 – “The Calling” (Netflix)

pilot, limited series, or motion picture made for television

Todd Panhazel, ASC for Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty – “The Swan” (HBO/HBO Max)
Jeremy Bening, CSC for Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet – “The Outside” (Netflix)
Anastas Michos, ASC, GSC for Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet – “Autopsy” (Netflix)
C. Kim Miles, ASC, CSC, and MySC for I lost my first – “Bali Hai” (Netflix)
Sean Porter old man – “I” (FX) (WINNER)

Half hour series

Adam Bricker Hacks – “The Click” (HBO/HBO MAX)
Carl Hirst Barry – “Starting Now” (HB0/HBO MAX) (WINNER)
Stephen Murphy LLC. Atlanta – “New Jazz” (FX)
Ola Ponticus, BSC of Russian doll– “Matryoshka” (Netflix)
Christian Springer, ASC for Atlanta – “Andrew Wyeth. The World of Alfred.” (FX)

A one-hour commercial television series episode

Marshall Adams, ASC Better Call Saul – “Saul Gone” (AMC)
Jesse M Feldman on Interview with the vampire – “It’s My Nature is from the Devil” (AMC)
Christian “Tico” Herrera, CCR for Snowfall – “Departure” (FX)
Jules O’Loughlin, ASC, ACS for old man – “IV” (FX) (WINNER)
Jaime Reynoso, AMC for Snow hole – “Bound to One Track” (TNT)

Documentary Award

Ben Bernard and Rigo Das It all breathes (HBO / HBO Max) (WINNER)
Adam Bricker Chef’s Table: Pizza – “Franco Pepe” (Netflix)
Wolfgang Held, ASC for This stolen country is mine

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