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Mike Tyson on Jamie Foxx’s health issues: If we don’t know now, they don’t want us to know


The Mike Tyson biography project has been delayed due to Hollywood star Jamie Foxx’s ongoing health problems. Reportedly, the actor was a favorite to play Tyson in the biographical television series that will be produced by Tyson, Fox, Antoine Fuqua, and Martin Scorsese. Recently, on an episode of the “Valuetainment” podcast, host Patrick Pete David discussed Jimmy’s health with Tyson.

Mike Tyson talks about Jamie Foxx’s health

During the discussion, Mike hints that Jimmy was supposed to play his character in his autobiography. He said, “Well, it was a possibility. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. But, you know, it’s a strong possibility. Because, you know, Jimmy’s closer to my age, so in order to do it, they’d do what they did.” [the movie] Benjamin button. They would make him look younger.”

Mike also said he had no idea about Jimmy’s current health status and also talked about the unpredictability of life with the host. He said, “Listen, we can’t anticipate our next breath. We don’t know when we’re going to die. After we let this go, bad things can happen.” Furthermore, speaking about Jimmy’s health update, Mike said, “If we don’t know now, they don’t want us to know.”

What happened to Jamie Foxx?

On April 11, the Oscar-winning actor experienced a mysterious medical emergency. His daughter, Corinne, posted the news on April 12 on Instagram that her father had “experienced medical complications” the day before. She also wrote, “We know how loved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family is asking for privacy during this time.”

Ray’s rep was in Atlanta filming the Netflix movie Back in Action, which also stars Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close. The film is directed by Seth Gordon, director of Foxx’s Horrible Bosses.

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