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Minor, upset spoilers: How will Malcolm react after hearing that Phyllis has died?


The upcoming episodes of the American TV series The Young and the Restless promise viewers reunions, comebacks and plenty of drama. Fans of the long-running CBS series won’t want to miss the drama-packed episodes. Keep reading for spoilers plus highlights from the May 8, 2023 episode of The Young and the Restless.

It highlights the young and restless spoilers

Neil, played by Christophe St. John, lost his life four years ago but his family and friends miss him every day. Victor, played by Eric Braeden, Nicky, played by Melody Thomas Scott, and Abby, played by Melissa Ordway, named a room in the Genoa City Athletic Club after him in his memory. The Nell Winters Jazz Club was accepted by all with glee.

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Devon, played by Britton James, and Lily, played by Kristel Khalil, decide to host a party at the newly named jazz club in Neil’s memory. They invite their nearest and dearest to listen to great jazz and share their absolute favorite memories of it. Meanwhile, Devon’s mother Harmony, played by Cheney Lawson, showed up, and it was none other than Tucker, played by Trevor St. John, who had arranged for her there.

In another surprising and emotional return, Malcolm, played by Shemar Moore, returns to Genoa City to remember his brother and meet the rest of his family. “You all know me,” he says in memory. “When it comes to the great Neil Winters party, I show up.” Amid hugs, reunions, flashbacks, and happy tears, Malcolm says Neil cares so much about the family.

He also adds that he is here to connect with Devon and Lily. Nate, played by Sean Dominic, shows up despite his recent family troubles. Plus, Malcolm and Harmony are expected to catch up. But the former is in for a big surprise when he discovers that Phyllis, played by Michelle Stafford, who was once his lover, is supposedly dead. Of course, she is actually alive but the rest, except for Summer and Daniel, haven’t realized the truth yet, have they?

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