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Moment couple discovers the tragic reason their backyard is sinking grave


A couple who investigated a ditch in their backyard only to discover a dog’s final resting place went viral after sharing the heartbreaking find online.

Sue Rose, who lives in Essex, UK, shared video of the dog grave discovery on TikTok in July. Since then it has been viewed over 300,000 times.

In the video, the couple shows just some of the things they found during an investigation of the uneven ground. In the caption, the poster wrote, “We found a dog grave in the middle of our lawn.”

Research shows that the loss of a pet can have just as devastating an impact on a person as the loss of a human family member.

A study examining the grief response to the loss of a pet concluded that when a pet is considered a family member, the death disrupts family members’ lives and family functions as if a human family member had died.

People dealing with the loss of a pet have been recorded as dealing with disorganization, post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety, with evidence showing that pet grief can last up to a year.

While the loss of a pet will be different for everyone, those with a strong bond with their pet are likely to be hit harder and harder. Studies have shown that for some owners, their pets are the only reason they get up in the morning, and for people living alone, their pets can be their most important form of social interaction.

Rose tells news week: “In the beginning of the summer we were playing badminton in the garden and I noticed a ditch in the lawn which was getting worse. As I stood on it, the floor began to cave in and my foot sank into the hole. My husband dug down to see what was causing the problem and found there was a hole under the lawn.”

As her husband began digging, Rose filmed the moment to try to capture the full extent of the damage and the reason for the unusual hole in the ground. But what they found next surprised them both.

“There was a box and the lid had crumbled and the earth fell into the box,” she explained. “It turned out to be a makeshift coffin. We found a dog toy and a bowl and then some remains that were clearly a dog.”

Realizing what they had discovered, the two carefully replaced the toy and bowl, and unpacked the rest of the hole to keep it from collapsing again.

“It was very upsetting as we are both animal lovers,” Rose said.

With over 1,000 comments, viewers of the now viral video were quick to share their thoughts on the unusual find.

“That was someone’s best friend,” said one TikTok user, while another commenter wrote, “As a dog owner, this made me sob.”

When Rose explained in later comments that she had carefully replaced whatever they found and made sure it would remain safe and undisturbed, the video’s commentators praised the couple.

“The respect you have for the resting place of the lost fur babies is beautiful,” said one reply.

Another commenter wrote, “Aww bless you for saving his resting place instead of your lawn.”

“The response to TikTok was unexpected,” Rose said. “But most of the comments were nice and understanding, especially when people realized we did the right thing by not interfering once we knew what happened.” Moment couple discovers the tragic reason their backyard is sinking: ‘grave’

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