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‘My child is the only one who has ever exited a womb ever!’: When Ryan Reynold’s opened up about Hollywood parents, and his children


Ryan Reynolds has been head over heels for his wife for ages now, that’s not news to anyone. But in 2020 the then-father of three had opened up about his experience of having only daughters with his wife Blake Lively, and how that was exactly his dream from the very beginning. Reynolds being Reynolds, poked fun at self-absorbed Hollywood parents, and their almost comical view on parenthood. The Deadpool star also got candid about his love for his children. Here’s what he said.

Ryan Reynolds (Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds’s on why he only wanted daughters

In an interview with Jess Cagle in 2020, Reynolds shared insights into his early life, discussing how being the youngest among his four brothers fueled his aspiration to have a daughter. He shared, “If I could have nine dauthers I would be thrilled. Really! I genuinely would be,” Ryan explained, “When I was a kid, my dad, he was a real strict guy. My brothers and I, we would destroy the house. That’s part of the reason I don’t want boys … I just want the house to be normal.”

Although Reynolds acknowledges his wife, Blake Lively, for creating a cozy home environment, he humorously pointed out that he doubts she would appreciate holes in the wall. In a light-hearted tone, Reynolds quipped that conceiving a child is a rather common occurrence worldwide, especially after a few drinks, although he admitted he was sober during this particular time. The Deadpool actor expressed just how “amazing” it is to be a parent. He added, “I always marvel at how common it is, yet how profound it is.”

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (Instagram)

Ryan Reynold’s opinions on Hollywood parents

The Free Guy actor opened up about how ridiculous he finds celebrities who can at times become self-absorbed. He said, “I always laugh because celebrities, you know, you always cringe when you hear them talk about their kids – because they literally talk about like, ‘My child is the only one who has ever exited a womb ever!’ And you’re just like well, a lot of people have done this.” He explained that is the reason he tries to watch what he says about his children in public because often it can sound cringey. He added, “So you always want to temper it with a bit of self-effacement, but I love it. I truly worship that kid.”

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