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Neil Gaiman gives update on The Sandman amid writer’s strike; Expresses support for the book


Neil Gaiman gave an update on The Sandman series, which is based on his comic book amid the writer’s union strike. The show premiered on Netflix in August 2022 and was renewed for new episodes in November. The Writer’s Guild of America went on strike on May 2. This has hampered the production of many TV shows and movies. Neil gave fans an update through his Tumblr.

Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr post

Neil Gaiman took to Tumblr to inform fans of the possible delay in the release of new episodes of The Sandman. In the post, he explained that the amount of delay would depend on how long the strike would last while expressing his support for the protesting writers. Gaiman himself is a member of the WGA. Neil wrote, “Whether or not to delay Sandman depends on how long the blow will last. There will be no wrong texts on Sandman.”

The Writer’s Guild of America held a protest on May 2, which meant that all of the TV and film writers who were part of the guild also backed down from their positions until they reached a settlement with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance. The protest has been going on for two weeks, and there is no indication of how long it might take. The last major writers’ strike spanned three months in 2007. Until the WGA and AMPTP reach a settlement, no new person in The Sandman is on the way.

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New episodes of The Sandman: What to expect

Netflix announced the return of The Sandman with new episodes and declined to call it a second season. Mason Alexander Park, who plays Desire, revealed in January that filming for new episodes would begin in the summer. He also revealed that Netflix could be releasing episodes in installments instead of an entire season. Park is one of the characters teased to return to The Sandman. The rest of the list includes Tom Sturridge as Morpheus, Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian, and Jenna Coleman as Joanna Constantine.

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