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Ooni of ifes ex wife queen naomi reacts as her sister urges her to speak up over alleged marital abuse


Olori Silekunola Naomi Ogunwusi, the alienated spouse of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has responded as her sister, Simi Oluwaseyi, urges her to shout out over her supposed conjugal emergency.

KFN announced hours prior that Olori Naomi Ogunwusi had gotten down on the Assistant Commissioner of police at the AIG’s office (Zone 17) in Akure.

Sovereign Naomi expressed that leaving her marriage shouldn’t remove her essential basic freedoms and respect as a lady.

Sovereign Naomi vowed to spill the tea as she questioned if leaving the Ooni was a significant motivation to have her basic liberties and pride as a lady was taken.

“No lady should be tormented. Leaving misuse shouldn’t remove your major common liberties and respect as a lady what simply occurred with the Assistant Commissioner of police at the AIG’s office (Zone 17) in Akure is a pointer to the way that the framework has bombed womanhood once more. Does it imply that leaving a relationship implies you ought to end it all”?

Her sister took to the remark segment to ask her to make some noise.

Alluding to aggressive behavior at home, she said that no lady merits what she went through.

Rooting for her, she advised her to wake the resting canine.

“No lady merits 1% of what you went through, as yet going through, you have attempted and that’s the last straw!! It’s no time like the present the resting canine wakes!!!!

Responding to it, Naomi brought up how her making some noise would a discourteous stir.

She noticed how she is the sort who would prefer to die when pushed.

“It will be a reality check you know when I am pushed I will rather die… thank you for remaining by me through this troublesome period, they don’t have the foggiest idea what’s happening yet God will be reliable”.

Kemi Filani reviews that Queen Naomi stunned the fanatics of the Ife royals when she revoked her name and job as the Queen of Ife.

‘Enough is enough – Queen Naomi sister’s writes as the former wife of Ooni of Ife writes about women who walk away marriage from being bullied

Indefinite Strike • #EloswagIsOBIdient • #olosho • Shola • Cristiano Ronaldo • Shawarma • #Phyna

— (@TWAA_ng) August 30, 2022

The delightful mother of one blended responses online when she blamed the ruler for being double dealing.

“I gave my all to persevere and make it work; commonly, I grinned through the battle, however I at long last acknowledged I had only one task, my child, and when God is finished, He is finished. He picked Saul to be top dog, and when He was finished, He told the prophet Samuel I have continued on. Religion was never an issue between us; kindly allude to my meeting on News Central TV. All things being equal, His Majesty has an image he would cherish the world to see and see him as and another which is his actual self.

Today I report the start of another sunrise and the end of a section. Today, I am a mother to God’s novel gift. I’m as of now not a captive to my viewpoints of flawlessness. I, right now, declare that I will never again be alluded to as spouse to the Ooni of Ife or as Queen of Ile-Ife however as the Queen of individuals and mother of my charming Prince.”

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