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Oscars 2023: What’s in the $126,000 gift bag? Here’s everything you need to know


Getting nominated for an Academy Awards is an achievement in itself. But, the cherry on top is the fancy gift bag that is given to the nominees who made it to the Oscars. Yes, you read that right! No matter who gets the famous golden statuette at the 2023 Academy Awards, no one will come back empty-handed and that’s for sure. Each year, winners and nominees receive a gift bag worth thousands of dollars.

The 95th Academy Awards will be one of the most glorious events of the year, with all eyes focused on who will be carrying the coveted golden statuette. This year, the nominees will receive the gift of a “Everybody Wins” gift that costs $126,000. In 2022, the candidates received a basket worth more than $137,000.

What’s inside the ‘Everyone Wins’ Oscars Gift Bag?

The “Everyone Wins” gift bag contains 60 items, from luxury holidays to fashion and beauty products. The most expensive part of the gift is a $40,000 vacation to Canada for three nights. Besides, the basket boasts $400 worth of luxury perfumes. A three-night luxury Italian getaway package worth $9,000 is also included in the basket. Other than that, it features luxury skin care products, Japanese milk bread, a gift box of Bateel dates, an Australia voucher, and body sculpting vouchers.

Who gets the gift bags?

The nominees for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress get Oscar bags. Recipients also have the option to decline gifts. Last year, actor Denzel Washington refused to take his bag, while actor JK Simmons donated it to a charity auction. This year’s lucky nominees include Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas, Michelle Williams, and Judd Hirsch, to name a few.

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