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Outlast on Netflix: From the Season 1 winners to the Season 2 release date, here are all the details


On Friday, all eight episodes of Outlast were released on Netflix at 03:01 ET on the 10thy He walks. In this show, sixteen contestants are required to live in the cold, harsh conditions of the Alaskan jungle. The team that wins the show takes home the grand prize of $1 million.

By the end of Outlast season 1, there were only two teams left: Team Charlie, which consisted of Paul Brees, Seth Locker, and Nick Radner, and Team Alpha, which consisted of Gil Ashok and Amber Asai. Read on for more details.

List of Outlast season 1 winners

Charlie’s team of Nick Radner, Seth Locker, and Paul Brees was the winner of the first season of Outlast. This team successfully crossed many rivers with difficulties to win the competition. The men were certainly overjoyed after winning the competition with Paul saying he prays to God to keep him on the right path. Nick thanked his sister as well as the makers while Seth said he could pay off the debt with the prize money and start a family.

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The Alpha team of Amber and Jill followed the jungle trail and even managed to see the pack because it was so close to the shoreline. But they fail to get the said package in time and thus lose to Charlie’s team.

Will there be a second season of Outlast?

Netflix has not yet confirmed the cancellation or renewal of the Outlast series. There are several factors that may affect the status of this series including its cancellation rate, its filming in the Alaskan wilderness for an extended period, and large prize money compared to other reality shows. It also depends on how much the audience liked the first season of Outlast.

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