Peony officinalis
Basic classification
Reign Plantae
Division (Division is a legislation of composition which associates the product of the primary with two numbers…) magnoliophyta
Class magnoliopsida
Order Dilleniales
Household Paeoniaceae
Gender Paeonia
Binomial title (In taxonomy (botany, zoology, and so on.), the binomial title, or binomial, comes from the…)
Paeonia officinalis
L., 1753
Phylogenetic classification (Phylogenetic classification is a system for classifying beings…)
Order Saxifragales
Household Paeoniaceae

The widespread peony (Paeonia officinalis) is a herbaceous plant (A herbaceous plant has at the least one in every of these traits: flower, leaf, department or…) from 30 cm to 1 metre (The meter (image m, from the Greek metron, measure) is the essential unit of size of…) tall, from the household Paeoniaceae, native toEurope (Europe is a land area that may be thought-about a…) southern and central.

the physician (A physician is a medical skilled with a health care provider of…) greek of Ier century, Dioscorides (Pedanius Dioscorides (in historical Greek…)described two peonies which he known as male and femininecomparable to the present Paeonia mascula and P. officinalis. On the origin of the trendy nomenclature, Linnaeus unified all of the peonies recognized to him below the title of Paeonia officinalis with two varieties, feminine and male. Below’species (Within the life sciences, the species (from the Latin species, “kind”…) P. officinalisit thus grouped collectively the crops at present known as P. officinalis, P.mascula and P. clusii.

This very polymorphic species has been subdivided into a number of subspecies:

  • humiliate (Retz.) Cullen & Heywood
  • villa (Huth) Cullen & Heywood
  • huthii Soldano 1993
  • officinalis Passal. & Bernardo 2004
  • banatica (Rochel) Soo 1945
  • microcarpa (Boiss. & Reut.) Nym. 1878


The widespread peony is a plant (Crops (Plantae Haeckel, 1866) are multicellular beings on the base of the…) herbaceous, perennial, as much as 70 cm tall peak (Peak has a number of meanings relying on the topic space.)having a number of easy stems and disappearing leaveswinter (Winter is without doubt one of the 4 seasons in temperate zones.) (geophyte).

The leaves cauline, petiolate, attain 30 cm in diameter (In a circle or a sphere, the diameter is a line phase passing via the middle…) and are trisected (the divisions of the first order pennatized, these of the 2nd order pennatifid). They’re of 1 inexperienced (Inexperienced is a complementary colour comparable to gentle that has a wavelength…) darkish (not glaucous like P. mascula), glabrous above, grey and pubescent with utilized hairs under. The segments are fairly slim, lanceolate.

The stem (The stem is in crops, the axis usually aerial, which prolongs the basis and…) flower bears a flower solitary, terminal, with 5 unequal sepals, inexperienced crimson (The colour crimson responds to completely different definitions, relying on the chromatic system we’re doing…)persisting after the bloom (Flowering is the organic technique of flower improvement. It’s…) and 5-10 crimson petals 4-Eight cm, oval. The quite a few stamens with crimson threads, fused on the base into one disk (The phrase disc is used, each in geometry and in on a regular basis life, to designate a…) nectariferous fleshy, bear anthers shorter than the filaments. The carpels on the quantity (The notion of quantity in linguistics is handled within the article “Quantity…) of two or 3, are densely tomentose. Pollen manufacturing is large (The phrase large can be utilized as:) (2.5 million grains of pollen (Pollen (from the Greek pale: flour or mud) constitutes, amongst…) per flower). Pollinators are principally bees.

Flowering takes place throughout month (The month (From lat. mensis “month”, and previously in plural “menses”) is a time period…) from Might-June.

the fruit is fashioned by 2-3 (4) tomentose white follicles.

Makes use of

Within the Center Ages, it was cultivated in herb gardens for its medicinal properties. It was made into amulets towards epilepsy. The foundation was extremely prized as an anti-epileptic, by the way antispasmodic and narcotic treatment. The flowers have been additionally prescribed within the type of syrup (Syrup (from the Latin syrupus, itself from the Arabic sharab) is a viscous and thick liquid…) till XIXe century.

Biochemical evaluation confirmed the presence of paeniflorin, a alkaloid (Alkaloids are nitrogenous heterocyclic natural molecules…) sedative (A sedative is a substance that has a depressant motion on the nervous system…)analgesic and anticonvulsant which might clarify this former use (Utilization is the act of constructing use of one thing.) of “nice treatment”. Peony officinalis additionally incorporates paenol, recognized for its analgesic, antispasmodic and anti inflammatory properties. In order to not have any extra nightmares, folks made themselves necklaces of peony sprouts which they wore on them at night time. Till the top of the Center Ages, peonies have been solely used for medicinal and magical functions.

The primary horticultural varieties appeared on the finish of the XVIe century. They’re nonetheless cultivated from our days (The day or the day is the interval which separates the dawn from the sundown; it’s the…).

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