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Paris Hilton opens up about her family’s reaction to her leaked tape: Mom just curled up in bed


Paris Hilton finally opened up about her leaked sex tape.

For starters, back in 2000, Paris, then 19, and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon filmed their intimate moment. However, the video was later leaked online without Paris’ approval and permission. The media personality finally opened up about the unfortunate incident in her upcoming memoir, Paris: The Memoir. USA Today shared an excerpt from her book where she talks about her feelings about the same. Read on to find out.

Paris Hilton opens up about her leaked sex tape

According to USA Today, in her memoir, Paris shared that she doesn’t remember much about the fateful night, except for the fact that Rick wanted to make a videotape of their lovemaking.

The 43-year-old recalled Rick telling her that if she didn’t make it, he’d easily find someone who would. Paris thought it was the worst thing to be dumped by an adult man because she acted like a “stupid kid” who didn’t know how to play adult games.

She further revealed that she was told that no one else would see her.

Paris Hilton (Photo: Paris Hilton YouTube)

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Paris Hilton shares her family’s reactions to the leaked sex tape

Paris Hilton also revealed her family’s reaction after the sex tape was leaked. She said her mother simply collapsed in bed, while her father was humiliated and very angry. She said he was trying to contact lawyers and rotate doctors over the phone, trying to control any potential harm. On the other hand, Paris said, her siblings felt strange and could not look at her.

Paris Hilton’s diary hits shelves March 14.

On the other hand, Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed their first child recently in January. The American media outlet took to her Instagram space to share the great news with her fans, friends, and followers. She also revealed that they decided to name their newborn son Phoenix.

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