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‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ star leaves cinema in #MeToo in protest – The Hollywood Reporter


French actress, Adèle Haenel, stars Portrait of a woman on fireannounced her retirement from the film industry, saying that the French industry’s complacency and indifference to the #MeToo movement was behind her decision.

In a message posted on an informative news site TV On Tuesday, Haenel wanted to use the public announcement of her retirement from the film industry as a way to invoke “general complacency” within the French industry “toward sexual offenders.”

Despite the many high-profile examples of sexual assault and misconduct in the French film industry, many of which have surfaced in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Haenel says the authorities who have chosen to ignore and ostracize women who have come forward have sounded the alarm. “They join hands [to protect] the [Gerard] Depardieus, W.; [Roman] Polanskis [Dominique] Buttonats,” she writes TV Letter, referring to three of the most prominent French cinema figures accused of abuse. “It bothers them that the victims make so much noise. They preferred that we disappear and die in silence.”

Haenel writes that those with power within the industry have “canceled” the French #MeToo movement. “You have the money and the power and all the glory [but] You won’t make me a spectator. I ban you from my world.”

In 2020, Hanel walked out of the 45th Cesar Awards — the Oscars of France — when Roman Polanski took home the Best Director award for his new film. An officer and a spy. “Shame!” the actor exclaimed. As she left, I followed her portrait of a lady Director Celine Sciamma.

Actress, who first attracted attention with her nominated performance of César in the 2007 film Sciamma. water liliesHe was a public face of the French #MeToo movement. In 2020, she brought charges against French director Christophe Ruggia, whom she accused of sexually assaulting her when she was 12 years old and cast in Ruggia’s film. demons. Loggia, who denies any wrongdoing, has been formally indicted but has yet to face trial.

Haenel has not appeared on screen since Portrait of a woman on fire The role earned her seventh César nomination (a two-time winner) and signed her to CAA in the US.

Instead, she has put her energies into political activism and has often been seen at public protests and demonstrations, most recently in nationwide mobilization against pension reforms planned by the French government.

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