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Prince Harry on parenting style: ‘I smother my kids with love and affection’


Prince Harry spoke candidly about his mental health at Spear’s Living Book event with Dr. Gabor Mattei recently. The session focused on mental health awareness and personal healing. During the conversation, Prince Harry opened up about his childhood trauma and how it affected his parenting style towards his two children, Archie and Lilibet.

Prince Harry’s autobiography Spear paints an unflattering picture of Harry’s life. In the memos, released on January 10, he revealed the lack of physical affection he had received from members of the royal family. In the interview, when Matty asked how this affected him as a father, the Duke of Sussex said it helped him become more concerned with his children as he tries to be the best dad he can be. During the conversation, Prince Harry shared that as a father of two, he wants to make sure he smothers his kids with love and affection because if he doesn’t hug his kids, it will have the same effect on the kids, which he experienced. as a child. He stated that he did not want to pass on any trauma or bad experiences to his children that he went through during his childhood. He added that he always tries to be careful with his behavior and reactions towards his two children.

Prince Harry used drugs to deal with trauma?

The biography of Prince Harry tells many dark secrets about his life. Prince admitted in his memoirs that he used to regularly take cannabis and cocaine on several occasions as a teenager. He claimed that he was willing to try almost anything that would help him deal with the trauma and pain. While talking about his drug use, Harry assures Dr. Matty that marijuana helped him while other drugs such as cocaine did nothing for him.

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