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Priyanka Chopra From Love Again Didn’t Film Sam Heughan With Celine Dion – The Hollywood Reporter


The audience may see love again Stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan have several scenes with Celine Dion, but what they see may not be all it seems.

The duo was recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly They never filmed any in-person scenes with the Grammy Award-winning artist in their latest rom-com due to COVID-19. “We shot during the pandemic, and it was obviously very difficult for people to travel at the time, so we shot a lot of it on stage and on green screen,” Heughan said. “This has been one of the challenges of working during a pandemic.”

the A stranger from home The actor explained that he and Chopra Jonas were filming in the UK while Dion was in Canada, which made it difficult. the fort The actress noted that she shot the movie when Hollywood was figuring out “how to navigate COVID. We couldn’t all travel, that often, to be together. It was right in the beginning.”

But thanks to the director, film extras, and Dionne, Heughan said it all ended up together.

He added, “I think they did some great magic in the movie, and I think those scenes really worked.” Jim [Strouse]Whoever directed it, he’s an amazing guy, and he’s been working closely with him. We have extras and people to read [Dion’s] lines. And honestly, Celine is a professional herself, that is [why] I really succeeded.”

The film follows Mira Rai (Chopra Jonas) as she deals with the death of her fiancé by sending romantic text messages to his old cell phone number. But she doesn’t realize that someone new has the number – journalist Rob Burns (Heughan). When he begins to fall for her romantic letters, he enlists the person at the heart of his latest profile story, superstar Celine Dion (playing herself), to help win her over.

the Quantico The actress told the outlet that she would love to watch the “My Heart Will Go On” singer play a fictionalized version of herself in the movie. “She’s absolutely stunning. She’s funny and self-aware, and she’s really sassy,” Chopra Jonas said. “Also, she gave us five [new] songs [for the movie]. She’s really behind the movie, and it feels really nice to have that support from her as well. You’re throwing in original Celine music that we haven’t had in a long time, and it was really hard to think of a reason not to do this movie.”

the suspected The actress added that the cast and crew were “so lucky that she picked this project, and she’s a perfect fit, literally”, because of the messages in her music.

love again Premieres in theaters on May 5.

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