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Protestors Gather Outside Woody Allen’s Coup de Chance Venice Premiere – The Hollywood Reporter


A group of protesters demonstrating against what they called the “rape culture” of the Venice Film Festival marched past the festival’s red carpet during the world premiere of Woody Allen’s Coup de Chance.

The group, which was around 20 people, shouted slogans like “no rape culture”; “we are speaking for those without a voice against the director predators”; “a rapist is not a sick man, he is the healthy son of patriarchy”; “No spotlight for rapist directors”; and “The alpha male doesn’t exist.”

The protestors began their demonstration just as Allen stepped onto the red carpet of his film. They stopped shortly past the carpet, forming a line and taking off their shirts before chanting more.

The demonstration lasted only a few minutes before they were led out of the festival area by police. One of the demonstators, who gave their name as Melania, told The Hollywood Reporter they were protesting “the rape culture of this festival, which celebrates men accused of assault, while we have an epidemic of femicide in our country.”

The Venice Film Festival has come under fire this year for including films from directors accused of sexual assault, including Allen and Roman Polanski, whose new feature The Palace screened over the weekend.

The demonstration comes a day after banners reading “Island of rapists,” “No Golden Lion for predators,” “Sexist cinema/feminist response” were posted all around the Lido on Sunday, protesting Allen and Polanski.

Another banner displayed at the festival accused it of being “80 years behind” as the Biennale celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Another questioned, “Will the Golden Lion go to a rapist?” referring to Polanski’s The Palace, which is up for the festival’s top prize.

Christy Piña contributed to this story.

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