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Publishing heir James Fairchild, son arrested for domestic violence


Publishing heir James Fairchild and his son, John, were both arrested on March 20, 2023 for domestic violence against two people – but there are conflicting stories in the police report obtained by Page Six.

According to James and John, escalating “tension” within the Naples, Florida family prompted an underage man to enter into a verbal altercation with John.

Page Six is ​​keeping the identities of the victims anonymous as this is a domestic violence case.

Shortly after, the Fairchilds claim the underage man “grabbed a knife from the counter and began to approach John,” the documents state.

The adult female victim then allegedly got involved and tried to separate John and the underage male, and accidentally ripped John’s shirt. The underage male then allegedly “punched John twice in the left shoulder/neck area”, according to the police report.

james fairchild and whitney st.  John
The socialite, whose divorce from Whitney St. John (seen here) has been in the headlines for years, was arrested in March.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

However, the officer at the scene noted that James and John were “inconsistent” with details of the knife, but added that “James stated that at no time did he or his son touch [the victims].”

In the adult woman’s version of events, she claims that she entered the house and found John “pushing” the underage male. In attempting to separate the two, the adult woman claims that John pushed her to the ground, which “dislocated her right ring finger”, according to the police report.

The police statement also notes that the underage man “had marks on both sides of his neck consistent with being shocked. [sic] by “James” and adds that he also had “a large area of ​​broken skin” because John allegedly “cut his foot”.

James Fairchild and Whitney Fairchild
He and his son were taken to the local jail in Naples, Florida.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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Both John and James were escorted to Naples Correctional Center without incident. James’ release conditions, which cost him $2,000, state that he must not possess any firearms and that he must not return to the scene of the incident.

The Fairchilds’ attorney denied any wrongdoing, telling Page Six: “Mr. Fairchild is not guilty of any crime and will be found guilty in court.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Almost four years ago, James – whose famous divorce from Whitney St. John has been in the headlines for years – was accused of punching a woman in the face, although he maintained his innocence.

James Fairchild and Whitney Fairchild
As part of his release conditions, James had to surrender his weapons.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

He posed for a police photo, but charges were not brought. “There were no charges because I proved that I was not there at home, and this incident never happened,” he insisted at the time.

In 2014, James found himself in another domestic incident with then-girlfriend Dr. Christine Borelli Grout. The couple separated and then got into a legal battle over money and a missing check for $250,000.

Her lawyer, Michael Stutman, said at the time: “He has no obligation to support Miss Borelli or her children. She seems rather desperate.

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