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Ronald Gladden Jury Fame on What It Was Like Learning the Show: It Took Months Until I Came…..


Ronald Gladden is currently making headlines after he was in on the Jury Duty joke and admitted that it wasn’t easy to rock everything he saw. In a conversation with the tabloid, he shared what it was like to learn that the entire show was an elaborate joke and that he was just the one who thought it was real. Speaking of Freevee, “It’s back to normal now, yeah. But I kid you not, months and months down the road after that I was still going through things like, oh, wow, was that phased, was that fake, was that an actor? It took months for me to realize that this really happened and accept it.”

Ronald Gladden’s mental health has always come first

Speaking about Ronald’s mental health, presenter Cody Heller said: “Obviously, his mental health always comes first, and we’ve never wanted to do anything to traumatize him or do anything to make him feel bad in any way.” The point of the show was to celebrate this guy being a hero, which is, I mean, who knew we could end up with literally the coolest guy in the world? “

Cast members used to assume Ronald was in the room every single time

There were times when the ruse was almost exposed when James Marsden had a real conversation while Ronald went to the bathroom. He said, “We didn’t know he was in the room because he refused, he went to the bathroom and he refused and he came back inside. So we were really careful after that, like, ‘We can’t have a conversation. ‘” We have to assume he’s in the room at all times.”

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