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Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp honored at 2023 Karlovy Vary Film Festival – The Hollywood Reporter


The 57th Karlovy Vary Film Festival is highlighting two of the biggest stars of the 2000s, announcing Friday that Russell Crowe will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for 2023, a Crystal Globe for his outstanding artistic contribution to world cinema, and securing Johnny Depp’s participation in this year. Festival Trailer.

Crowe will also be showing his tracks at the Czech Festival, taking the stage to perform with his band Indoor Garden Party at Karlovy Vary’s opening night concert on June 30.

Since his breakout performance as the Australian skinhead in Jeffrey Wright’s Romper Stomper in 1992, Crowe has been inescapable on the global film scene. His iconic role as gruff cop Bud White in Curtis Hanson’s Confidential LA (1997) transforms as Jeffrey Wiegand, the tobacconist’s big-time detective, in Michael Mann’s thriller. Insider (1999), as Roman general Maximus in Ridley Scott’s epic sword and sandal wrestler (2000), the psychopathic mathematical genius John Nash in the biopic of Ron Howard beautiful Mind (2001), secured its place in cinema history. Crowe earned Best Actor Oscar nominations for the last three performances, which he won wrestler.

Most recently, he got behind the camera, directing, as well as starring in period dramas water fortune teller In 2014, the crime thriller poker face in 2022. His last role was in Julius Avery’s supernatural horror flick Exorcist Pope.

Crowe has been performing and recording music since the 1980s and has released three albums as lead singer of Australian rock band Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts. After that band broke up, Crowe began a collaboration with Alan Doyle of Canadian band Great Big Sea, who recorded and performed together under the name The Ordinary Fear of God. In 2017 Crowe and Doyle formed the collective The Garden Concert.

As part of its tribute to Crowe, Karlovy Vary will perform for the 20th anniversary of Peter Weir’s adventure film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Crowe appears as British Navy SEAL Captain Jack Aubrey, a role that earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

On the opening night, Karlovy Vary will also show the new festival promotion that will be shown Pirates of the Caribbean Star Johnny Depp. The Czech festival has been a strong supporter of the sometimes controversial actor, inviting Depp as a guest of honor in 2021, presenting two films of their production: the musical documentary Crock of Gold: A few rounds with Shane MacGowan, and Andrew Levitas Japanese Drama Minamatawho also stared at him.

The 57th Karlovy Vary Film Festival runs from 30 June to 8 July 2023.

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