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Ryan Reynolds net worth: What is the Deadpool actor worth after selling his company Mint Mobile?


Ryan Reynolds, who is known to the public as a perfect husband, a good father, and a great actor, is seen putting on his best behavior whenever he appears.

Whether it’s impressing his wife with a stunning reaction at the red carpet entrance at the Met Gala or making his screen debut with hits like Deadpool, Red Notice or The Adam Project, he’s paved his way to success.

But what has recently hit the headlines is the net worth of Ryan Reynolds and his subsidiary, Mint Mobile.

Let’s take a quick overview:

Ryan Reynolds has had a successful career, which will come as no surprise given his professional history. Co-owner and sponsor of Aviation Gin, among other projects, brings funds to the Deadpool actor, who’s been graced our screens since the ’90s.

It becomes very clear that the celebrity made money when you consider the fact that he was chosen to represent Armani Code in 2019.

Let’s have a look at Ryan Reynolds net worth in the current year.

The sale of Mint Mobile to T-Mobile in 2023 is expected to increase Ryan Reynolds’ net worth to at least $300 million.

Through his endeavors in acting, producing, entrepreneurship, and brand sponsorships, he has increased his net worth to this amount.

Given that, let’s focus our attention on the estimated March 2023 budget: T-Mobile’s acquisition of Mint Mobile.

T-Mobile purchased Mint Mobile in March 2023 for $1.35 billion. Reynolds’ ownership is estimated at 20-25% in Mint, which he acquired in 2019, and the actor’s projected income drops from $270 million to $337 million, which puts a big number on Reynolds’ ticket.

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