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Selena Gomez has an eye-popping reaction during Olivia Rodrigo’s VMA performance collapse; Details inside


At the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Selena Gomez’s expression during Olivia Rodrigo’s performance of songs from her new album, Guts, raised eyebrows. As Rodrigo took the stage, an unexpected incident occurred that seemed to shake Gomez as reported by Page Six.

How Olivia Rodrigo’s performance extracted an astonishing reaction from Selena Gomez

According to the report, during Rodrigo’s performance of Vampire, an unexpected event occurred: a red curtain fell from the rafters, causing a brief commotion. A fast-acting person rushed to assist the Grammy-winning artist. Amidst this chaos, the camera zoomed in on Gomez, capturing her look of shock as she instinctively placed her hand on her temple. As Rodrigo left the stage and the lights dimmed, Gomez appeared truly concerned. Check out the video of the incident below:

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However, according to reports by Page Six, it turns out that this dramatic moment was actually planned as part of Rodrigo’s performance. She later returned to the stage for the second half of her act. Despite the initial shock, it was all part of the show’s theatrics.

Shortly thereafter, a photo of Gomez’s worried expression gained traction on Twitter, sparking a flurry of reactions. Many assumed that the Calm Down singer was displaying some form of shade towards Rodrigo, possibly due to the rumored feud between Rodrigo and Gomez’s close friend, Taylor Swift as reported by Page Six.

Social media was abuzz with comments like, “Selena Gomez can do no wrong,” Another user wrote, “she was so so worried the stage actually broke,” Meanwhile the third user wrote, “Not Selena Gomez covering her ears during Olivia Rodrigo’s performance.” 

Furthermore, according to Page Six, Selena has since clarified that her reaction to the planned stage malfunction was real and that she was confused, scared, and worried for Olivia because she didn’t know it was planned.

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Are Olivia Rodrigo and Selena Gomez friends?

The Good 4 U singer is friends with the Calm Down singer as per Teen Vogue. Additionally, as per the reports, Olivia also expressed her admiration for Selena, who offered her advice on the importance of prioritizing mental health in the entertainment industry.

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