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Selena Gomez opens up about, “I’m going to cry my eyes out,” and talks about being affected by negative comments


Selena Gomez talks about the impact of negative comments from cyberbullies in the documentary series “Dear….”, which was released by Apple TV+ on Thursday. The singer says she lied about not being affected by body sweat but was actually crying her eyes out in the room.

Gomez has been quick to stop body scams online along with being open about body positivity and mental health. That’s what Selena has to say.

Selena Gomez on Body Deodorants

Selena Gomez says she will go online and post a picture while encouraging herself that she won’t accept what other people say. But she was still crying because no one should hear these things. The singer said she posted pictures saying it didn’t bother her but she actually didn’t want to upset other people who are going through the same things. Gomez continued, “The feeling of shame because of what they look like and who they are and who they love, I think it’s very unfair.”

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Selena Gomez said she was diagnosed with lupus in 2014, yet people couldn’t wait to get her down despite the painful side effects of the disease. She said, “I was ashamed of gaining weight because of my lupus.”

Even last month, Selena Gomez explained that due to her lupus medication, her weight keeps fluctuating. The singer carries a lot of water weight while on the water medication and tends to lose weight when she is not taking the medications.

Gomez encourages people not to be ashamed of anything because no one knows their whole story.

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