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Selling Sunset season 7: Episode 4- Namaste Out of Everyone’s Business recap


In the fourth episode of Selling Sunset Season 7, there is a celebration for the Oppenheim Group’s 10th anniversary, with twelve captivating episodes in store for this season. It’s a pivotal moment in the series, and the episode picks up the pace seamlessly.

Bre vs. Chelsea: Clash of life choices

The ongoing feud between Bre and Chelsea takes center stage. Chelsea, hailing from a complex yet conservative background, clashes with Bre over her choice to have Nick Cannon’s child. The tension arises from differing life choices, especially considering Nick Cannon’s history of fathering children with various women. The episode kicks off with Chelsea seeking a private conversation to discuss their differences.

A complicated apology

In a secluded space, Chelsea offers a somewhat arrogant apology to Bre, acknowledging her previous opinions. Initially, Bre seems reluctant to accept it, but eventually, she recognizes Chelsea’s effort to make amends. It appears to be the best apology Bre can expect from Chelsea. The two women, it seems, manage to move past their initial misunderstandings.

Office space and joyful news

Brett and Jason introduce a new under-construction office space next to the old Los Angeles office. Amid this excitement, Mary and Romain casually reveal the delightful news of Mary’s pregnancy. The entire group celebrates her journey towards motherhood, recognizing the challenges she has faced.

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Amanza and Chelsea’s tense exchange

Amanza and Chelsea meet for a drink, but it’s far from a friendly encounter. Chelsea confronts Amanza about her involvement in group disputes, implying that Amanza’s plan to be the bigger person has backfired. It becomes apparent that Chelsea’s belief that Amanza was the messenger was largely a product of her imagination, and Amanza calls her out on it.

Yoga and bonding

Mary and Amanza embark on a yoga session, which serves as a therapeutic experience for both. Mary’s pregnancy offers physical benefits, while for Amanza, it serves as a mental cleanse amid the ongoing office drama. The two bond over their shared experiences in managing the office’s tumultuous relationships.

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Amanza’s decision to step back

Amanza decides to distance herself from the office’s ongoing conflicts and disagreements. She chooses not to get further involved, reflecting that her heart may be in the right place but her approach needs adjustment. This decision resonates with Mary, who once held the position of office manager and understands the challenges of mediating disputes.

As the episode draws to a close, attention shifts back to the new office construction site. Brett and Jason find themselves at odds regarding the new office concept. Differing opinions arise over the increasing cost of Jason’s dream office, with Brett advocating for a more conservative approach due to inflation concerns. The tension and disagreement between the brothers leave us wondering whether Jason has taken on more than he can handle. The episode leaves us eagerly anticipating the developments in this high-stakes real estate world.

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