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Selling Sunset Season 7: Episode 7- Cabo San Loco recap


Episode 7 opens within the Oppenheim Group office, with an absent Mary, as Chelsea celebrates a new escrow deal with the infamous bell-ringing tradition. Jason and Brett announce the upcoming Cabo trip, reflecting on the increased interest of California buyers in Mexican properties, notably Cabo. The group’s excitement is an all time high but they stop celebrating as they hear Mary’s recent loss, with hopes that the trip make her feel better.

Bre and Chrishell’s code word

Bre and Chrishell meet a Beverly Hills house designer to discuss a $13 million listing. As they anticipate their Cabo trip, they jokingly devise a code word, “Oppenheim Wine,” to save themselves from unwanted office drama during the Cabo trip, they chose the codeword because none of them would ever drink this wine and would only bring it up to leave a situation. Bre also revisits the Chelsea drama and her less-than-satisfactory apology from previous episodes.

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The Cabo journey begins

The Cabo trip starts with a private jet carrying Emma, Amanza, Chelsea, and Chrishell. Notably absent are Bre, Mary, Jason, Brett, and Nicole, who traveled separately. Amanza observes the growing division within the group, particularly as Nicole’s absence adds to her feeling of being “stuck in the middle.”

Mary and Romain’s night out

Back in Los Angeles, Mary and Romain go out for dinner, their first outing since her miscarriage. Romain, usually portrayed as a tough guy, displays compassion and support for his wife during this challenging time. The couple also decides to join their friends in Cabo.

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Cabo arrivals and tensions

In Cabo, the atmosphere isn’t always harmonious. Emma and Chrishell’s late arrival at events creates tensions within the group, particularly with Nicole, who is consistently punctual. The division and discomfort among the agents become increasingly apparent.

Apologies and resentments

Amid the Cabo drama, apologies and unresolved tensions continue to simmer. Chrishell defends her lateness and distances herself from Jason due to prior conflicts with Jason’s girlfriend Marie-Lou. Nicole extends an apology to Chrishell, signifying an attempt at reconciliation, though a full-fledged friendship remains distant.

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Dinner dilemmas

Dinner in Cabo is a tricky affair, as the ongoing tensions and disagreements among the agents persist. The question lingers: when will these colleagues enjoy a peaceful dinner together again?

Selling Sunset’s latest episode takes the agents to Cabo, where personal tensions and professional divisions continue to brew. The episode highlights the delicate balance between work and personal relationships, offering glimpses of camaraderie, apologies, and ongoing drama within the group. As the Cabo trip unfolds, fans are left wondering when the agents will share a peaceful dinner once more.

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