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Server explains why she makes up wild stories lie to your tables


As waiters across the country grapple with aggressive restaurant patrons, one woman has opened up about why she tells elaborate lies to her patrons.

“A few weeks ago I got a table, got a six-top,” waitress Bailey Schaffer said in a TikTok video Aug. 13. Her clip has been viewed 915,000 times.

“The food takes a long time,” she continued. “I say like an hour ticket time. And they’re just angry, the kitchen is secured right now, I don’t know what’s going on. So I run outside and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, guys, this is me. I’m sorry to tell you this, but the guy, our fryer guy, his glasses just fell into the fryer and his first reaction was to reach in.’ and grab them.’”

Schaffer mimicked her customers’ shock before continuing to share her big story.

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, he really got burned. He has to go, he’s on his way to the hospital right now, so we’ve got a fries, but… it’s coming.’”

The waitress said her guests were all “gasping” and hoping for the worker’s recovery.

“Moral of the story, they weren’t mad at all and tipped me $60. Lie to your tables,” Schaffer concluded.

Thousands of viewers laughed at Schaffer’s video, but some of their most gleeful comments came from other industry workers with stories of their own complicated lies.

‘Forget a table? Wrap a band-aid around your finger.'[Oh my god] I am so sorry! I sliced ​​lemons and got my finger,” said one savvy employee. “Get them every time.”

Another worker said: “I downloaded some pictures of my little niece and pretended to be a new dad at the age of 20 when I was serving. Tipping was everything.”

“This has been my ‘first day of training’ every day for two years,” commented a third user.

Although Schaffer’s video made dealing with difficult customers easy, an increased rate of disgruntled customers has put more strain on restaurant workers nationwide, according to multiple industry studies.

An October 2021 Lightspeed survey found that 62 percent of restaurant workers said their customers were more demanding than ever. In a Black Box Intelligence survey, 62 percent of workers said they had been emotionally abused and disrespected by their customers, while 49 percent reported abuse by managers.

Numerous posts about belligerent and even violent customers have gone viral on social media this year. In July, a Michigan restaurant manager said she was forced to close early for the first time after customers treated her staff “like trash.”

That same month, a fight broke out at a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, after a customer began arguing with the staff over his bill. Other customers have wreaked havoc at a New York City fries restaurant after being charged an extra $1.75 for sauce.

news week asked Schaffer for comment. Server Explains Why She Makes Up Wild Stories: ‘Lie to Your Tables’

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