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She calls me Mama!: When Ryan Reynolds shared his daughter James’ first word back in 2015


In a heartwarming interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back in September 2015, Ryan Reynolds opened up about the joys and challenges of fatherhood, revealing that his daughter, James, had taken to calling him “Mama.” Fast forward to today, and the world has seen Ryan Reynolds evolve from a first-time dad navigating his way through parenthood to a seasoned father with valuable insights and experiences. Let’s revisit this endearing moment from the past and explore how Ryan Reynolds’ journey as a dad has evolved.

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Ryan Reynolds’s new role as a father

Back in 2015, Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, welcomed their daughter, James, into the world. During the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds shared his excitement about fatherhood and revealed that James was starting to talk. The adorable twist in the story was that James’s first word was “mama.” Reynolds couldn’t help but smile, even if it meant sharing the title with his wife.

Fast forward to today, and Ryan Reynolds has undoubtedly embraced his role as a father with gusto. While James may have once called him “Mama,” their bond has grown stronger over the years. Reynolds has been an active advocate for spending quality time with his children and cherishing every moment of fatherhood. In his recent interviews and social media posts, Reynolds often shares humorous anecdotes and heartwarming stories about his experiences as a dad.

During his 2015 interview with Fallon, Ryan Reynolds humorously pitched the idea of writing a book titled Daddy Loves You Ten Percent More. Today, this idea has transformed from a joke into a potential project. Reynolds has hinted at his interest in sharing his parenting experiences in the form of a book, offering insights and advice for fellow dads.

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Ryan Reynolds lost in the daddy world

Reynolds humorously admitted that he’d lost his cool factor after becoming a dad. He recounted an awkward moment when he was caught belting out these dreams by heart in his car, only to discover a busload of high school students laughing at him. Despite losing his cool points, Reynolds has gained something far more precious, the love and admiration of his children.

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