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‘She’s killing it’: Ashneer Grover raves review of woman Madhuri Jain’s startup investments


Ashneer Grover has publicly praised his wife Madhuri Jain for her investment successes in start-up companies. According to the former CEO of BharatPe, Jain has made a name for himself as a successful investor in India’s fast-growing startup ecosystem. In fact, after payment 2.84 crore in withholding tax, Ashneer Grover’s wife is now among the top female taxpayers in the country, the proud husband himself boasted.

“Madhuri Jain Grover @madsj30 is one of the highest female taxpayers in the country. She’s paid 2.84 crores withholding tax this financial year. She’s killing it with her startup investments — in a year when space in general is falling apart. Kudos to all honest taxpayers (sic),’ Grover wrote while sharing a photo of his wife.

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This is not the first time Ashneer has praised his wife. His earlier statement came in December 2022, when he stated that his wife, who previously held a senior position at BharatPe, had paid 1.15 crore pretax.

Earlier, BharatPe took legal action against Grover, his wife and other relatives. The fintech company has filed a civil suit with the Delhi High Court, a criminal complaint with the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) and an arbitration proceeding to reclaim limited shareholding and founder title from Ashneer Grover over alleged irregularities during its tenure. BharatPe seeks till 88.67 crore in damages.

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In his book Doglapan, Grover argues that appointing spouses to board positions is justified since they invest in the founders’ success and are equally affected by their failures. He suggests that when working with your partner, don’t hesitate to designate them as co-founders and give them a seat on the board based on their abilities and investment in the company.

Grover also suggests that founders don’t just have to follow Western management approaches because they receive funding from the US. He argues that the concept of corporate and related party transactions is irrelevant in the Indian context.

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