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Sister Wives: ‘I can fake through this. I don’t want to’ Kody Brown opens up about ‘wasted’ 7 years with Meri


The polygamous world of Sister Wives took an emotional turn on Sunday’s episode as viewers witnessed the unraveling of Kody and Meri Brown’s 32-year marriage. What began as a routine family discussion about plans for the Coyote Pass property transformed into a moment of truth, tha showed the challenges that have long defined the marriage between Kody, the patriarch, and Meri, his first wife.

Meri’s shift in priorities

The episode opens with Meri, 52, sharing a significant shift in her focus. Her increased time spent managing her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, and nurturing her LuLaRoe clothing business in Utah becomes a focal point. However, the bombshell comes when Meri reveals that she is contemplating not renewing her lease in Flagstaff, Arizona, signaling a departure from the family’s current city. This revelation sets the stage for a larger conversation about Meri’s evolving priorities and the implications for her future with Kody. Meri shared she “probably won’t be renewing my lease here.”

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The revelation to Robyn

As the family gathers to discuss the plans for Coyote Pass, Kody, 54, and Meri divulge the details of a private conversation they recently had. The bombshell? They have decided to transition from being spouses to being friends. Robyn, Kody’s only remaining wife after Christine and Janelle Brown exited the polygamous marriage, is brought into the conversation. The trio grapples with the revelation that the relationship lacks the essential ingredient of romance. “I’m trying to be as honest as I possibly can without being a jackass,” Kody said to Robyn and Meri, which was followed by Meri asking how Robyn felt about everything. “Maybe it’s fair that Robyn’s here. She’s been your advocate for seven years.” Meri replied, “I think she’s been my advocate for longer than that. You want something that we can’t have together,” Kody said in response to Meri. “We can always have something else, but not that.”

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Emotional moments with Robyn

Emotions escalate as Robyn, witnessing the couple’s emotional conversation, tears up and briefly walks away. In a confessional moment, she shares her anxiety about the calmness with which Kody and Meri are approaching the decision. The trio navigates the painful realization that their relationship has evolved beyond the point of repair. Kody openly acknowledges that returning to a place that aligns with their individual desires is an impossible feat.  I just don’t know how I’m supposed to sit here and watch them decide if this is what they’re going to do,” Robyn said to the cameras in a confessional.

Kody’s admission

In a raw and candid confession, Kody admits to “faking being in love” with Meri. He attributes this to a duty-bound approach to their marriage, suggesting that he can perform the role of a husband despite the absence of genuine romantic feelings. Meri, however, refuses to accept a relationship built on obligation, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and shared emotions in a marriage. “I sit here feeling like it’s ridiculous to stay in a duty-bound marriage,” Kody said as Meri responded, “No, I don’t think it’s fair for either of us.”

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The conclusion of Sunday’s episode marks a pivotal and somber moment for the Brown family, as Kody and Meri bid farewell to a marriage that has spanned over three decades. The negotiations and revelations, long overdue, expose the depth of their struggles, leading to a mutual agreement to part ways. As the family adjusts to this significant change, questions linger about the toll of a marriage that may have been, in Kody’s words, a “wasted seven years” for Meri.

The episode not only offers a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of polygamous marriage but also raises broader questions about the nature of relationships within the Brown family. The emotional journey of Kody and Meri prompts reflection on the balance between duty and genuine connection in polygamous marriages.

As viewers grapple with the fallout of this episode, the hope for peace and new beginnings is in the air. The decision to part ways, though undoubtedly painful, opens the door for each member of the Brown family to embark on a new chapter.

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