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‘Subject to arbitration’: Lizzo demands jury trial for ‘ridiculous’ harassment lawsuit


Lizzo, the prestigious singer recognized for her hit songs, has formally answered the harassment proceedings filed against her by using former employees. In courtroom files obtained by means of Page Six, Lizzo’s legal professionals have supplied over 30 defenses outlining why those proceedings should be disregarded. Simultaneously, Lizzo has requested a trial via jury in response to the allegations.

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Lizzo denies every allegation

In her legal response, Lizzo denies every and every allegation made in opposition to her. One of her key defenses is that her former dancers have unclean hands, a felony term suggesting the plaintiffs have engaged in “unethical in relation to the subject of the lawsuit.”

In August, dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez filed complaints against Lizzo, her production enterprise, Big Grrrl Touring, and dance captain Shirlene Quigley. These complaints included allegations of sexual and religious harassment, an opposing work environment, incapacity discrimination, and other claims. One of the most enormous allegations was that Lizzo pressured her workforce to wait for express performances. Lizzo’s reaction contends that the plaintiffs authorized such acts.

A fourth former worker, Asha Daniels, filed a separate match, claiming verbal and bodily abuse by using her supervisor whilst operating as a dresser fashion designer for Lizzo. Lizzo’s reaction states that the plaintiffs ratified, acquiesced, condoned, and/or approved of the acts referred to in their suits.

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Lizo’s lawyer highlights the plaintiffs

Lizzo’s lawyers highlight that the plaintiffs had the option to mediate inappropriate religion as their contracts cited they have been a problem to arbitration. They argue that Lizzo’s team had anti-discrimination and anti-harassment rules in location, which the dancers failed to make use of earlier than filing their lawsuits.

This felony reaction appears to be the preliminary step in Lizzo’s efforts to shield herself. Lizzo’s spokesperson, Stefan Friedman, asserts that she has always practiced what she preaches, promoting frame positivity and keeping a safe and supportive administrative center. He anticipates proving these claims in the courtroom.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Neama Rahmani responds by pointing out that Lizzo’s objections are unrelated to the case and that the simplest takeaway is her agreement to a jury trial.

Rahmani appears ahead to imparting the case to a jury and believes the victims’ testimonies of abuse and harassment will resonate. 

In August, Lizzo addressed the allegations in an announcement on Instagram, affirming that it is never her aim to make absolutely everyone uncomfortable and expressing her commitment to the tremendous impact she has made inside the world.

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