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Sylvester Stallone threatens to go “full Rambo” while her daughter Sistine announces a fake pregnancy


The show follows the family of the famous actor Sylvester Stallone in real time, including his wife and children, and the show depicts the daily life of the Stallone family, which viewers enjoy as it conveys a fun and beautiful image of the family on the screen.

What was the joke about?

Recently, what hit the headlines was Sylvester’s reaction to his daughter’s prank. After Sly returns home to his family after months on the road filming his new TV show, “Tulsa King,” they’re thrilled that he’s back home after being away for six months. So, to celebrate his 76th birthday, his family and closest friends planned a special meal.

But it was no ordinary birthday; When Jennifer was baking a cake, Sly’s daughter Sistine got the idea to trick her father by pretending to be carrying a cake in the oven.
Jennifer and Sistine’s sisters think it’s a great idea and arrange the cake to look like a pregnancy announcement.

They threw miniature plastic babies and phrases like “boy” and “girl” at them. By the time he gets to the restaurant where Sly’s birthday dinner is being held, when the cake is dislodged, everyone laughs when Sly opens the package containing his cake. Not because of the message on the cake, but because of the bad presentation.

The cake got mushy after being in the box on the way, and it was a complete disaster. Foxy jokes that it looks like he was “assaulted”. He then asks why the cake is decorated with “weird” plastic dolls and the letters “boy” and “girl”, and the family reveals that Sistine is pregnant and that Sly is “going to be a grandfather”. He immediately asked the filmmakers to “turn off the cameras” so he could “wreck” the restaurant and “go all Rambo” like his character in the blockbuster series.

“I thought if we did that on camera, you wouldn’t be so angry,” Sistine tells Sly, but before he finishes, everyone tells him they are “just kidding,” and he lets out a relieved shriek. He then tells Sistine that it is “out of the will”, and they all laugh at the joke.

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