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Tai Gabrielle In Final Talks To Play Jade In ‘Mortal Kombat 2’ (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter


Tati Gabriel, known for her work on Netflix You Beside Chilling Adventures of Sabrinais in final negotiations to join the stellar cast of 2021’s New Line sequel Mortal Kombat.

Simon McQuoid, who directed the previous film based on the video game franchise, is back behind the joystick for the sequel, with Jeremy Slater writing the script for the sequel.

The sequel follows the story of a group of savage fighters, versed in martial arts techniques, who defend our known reality in Earthrealm against the outside world. The first film, released during the pandemic both in cinemas and on HBO Max, remains one of the biggest hits to date.

Karl Urban is already on board to play fan-favorite character Johnny Cage, an action star who enters the Mortal Kombat tournament in order to prove to naysayers he can pull off his own stunts.

Gabrielle will play Jade, the heroine first seen in Mortal Kombat II, the second installment in the video game series that catapulted the title into the 1990s pop culture mainstream. Jade is a sidekick killer and bodyguard to the character known as Princess Kitana.

Some of the first film’s cast, such as Jessica McNamee and Josh Lawson, are also expected to return.

Produced by Atomic Monster’s James Wan and Michael Clear, and Todd Garner of Broken Road Productions. McQuoid and E. Bennett Walsh are also producing.

Gabrielle saw her character become an important player over the course of several seasons You, the hot button stalker show for Netflix and is now in its fourth season. She first got notices for her work on The CW 100but he gained a following for playing Prudence Night on Sabrina. She also voiced Willow on Disney Owl house. On the features side, she has appeared opposite Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg at Sony unknown.

Gabrielle is represented by Déjà Star Productions, CAA, and Fox Rothschild

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