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Taylor Swift in Nashville: 5 Moments from Her Incredible Comeback on ‘Eras’ Tour


The highly anticipated “Eras” tour made its way to Nashville on Friday, delivering a smashing 45-song set featuring tracks from 10 albums and running for three and a half hours. The show drew a massive audience of nearly 70,500 people, setting a new attendance record for one night at Nissan Stadium. This party experience is a must for any music lover looking for an unforgettable night of live entertainment.

In the city where her career first blossomed, amidst a frantic scramble for tickets, Taylor Swift proves she’s in a league of her own as an artist. With her first major tour in nearly five years, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Yet Swift takes up the challenge with her trademark design and captivates audiences like no other.

Kicking off the highly anticipated tour at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, the three-night extravaganza broke records and featured amazing vocals, unforgettable duets and a surprise hit that can only happen in Music City. Swift’s unwavering ambition and keen attention to detail created a scene that will be etched in the memory long after the final note has faded. It’s quite an accomplishment for a young woman who moved to Hendersonville twenty years ago, fueled by her aspirations of becoming a famous songwriter.

From crowd-pleasing energy to unexpected announcements, here are five great moments from the opening night of the Eras Tour at Nissan Stadium.

her marathon age

Taylor Swift’s latest offering, “Eras,” lives up to its name by covering a wide range of material. The marathon-like performance, which runs nearly three and a half hours and features 45 songs from her 10 albums, showcases Swift’s similar ingenuity to iconic rock legends like Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney.

What sets Swift apart, however, is her subtle choreography, like an orchestra conductor or a director making a musical. Every element of the show, from the dancers to the band members and set pieces, contributes to the “era” narrative depicted on stage.

With gorgeous stage settings and the accompaniment of her talented dancers, Swift takes her audience on a journey through her discography. The show opens with the vibrant, colorful vocals from her 2019 album “Lover,” followed by a nostalgic nod to her 2008 release “Fearless,” which was showcased through a sunlit dress. Then delve into a captivating fantasy world inspired by JRR Tolkien for a selection of songs from her 2020 album Evermore. He quickly transitioned seamlessly between these iconic acts, resulting in a stadium-sized Broadway production. At one point, the stage is flooded with red lighting and backdrops, perfectly reflecting the essence of her album Red. And in another, she recreated the intimate fireside setting of the folk track “My Home” and other songs from her Grammy-winning album “Folklore.”

Throughout the performance, Swift adds new twists to known eras. For example, during “Blank Space,” her back-up dancers ride beach cruisers across the stage, injecting playful energy. In addition, she has devoted enough time to her last four albums, including “Anti-Hero”, “Bejeweled”, and the concluding chapter of “Midnight’s” era.

Its record-breaking era

Taylor Swift extended a standing ovation to several companies to join her career-spanning adventure on Friday night. The show drew an impressive crowd of approximately 70,500, setting a new attendance record for one night at Nissan Stadium. This record has surpassed previous concerts and professional sporting events held at the venue.

Swift expressed her excitement, saying, “Oh, darling Nashville, you’re making me freak out now. Tonight’s event has become the most attended night in stadium history, thanks to the 70,000 of you who have decided to join us this evening.”

The record-breaking feat may not last for long, though, as Swift has two more shows scheduled for this weekend. It is likely that she will surpass her own record before ending her stay in the city.

The age of her fans

Taylor Swift’s devoted fan base, known as the Swifties, showed off their unwavering devotion during her recent concert. They dressed delicately for the occasion, adorned with bejeweled lenses, donned head-to-toe gowns, and sported T-shirts covered in pythons and tie-dye pastels, symbolizing the different phases of Swift’s illustrious career. Their enthusiasm was unparalleled as they passionately sang to every word, including the extended version of “All Too Well”. The crowd remained silent in the stands until the last note echoed through the venue. Swift’s ability to captivate her fans extends far beyond her songwriting prowess, as she has the extraordinary power to cultivate a loyal following who eagerly deciphers her cryptic clues, endures ticket frenzy, and eagerly anticipates re-recordings of her albums.

Every time a new song echoed through the air, the crowd erupted with joy, similar to a group of friends gleefully passing around an aux cable during an unforgettable late-night gathering. Swift herself marveled at her audience’s enthusiasm, describing them as “on fire” at one point during the concert. Some fans were delighted to hear of the timeless tracks that dominated the charts ahead of their time, while others enjoyed reviving eras that shaped their formative years. No matter the age or background of each individual, the unifying spirit of swiftees prevailed, creating an electric atmosphere throughout the event.

Her sudden age

During a recent concert, Taylor Swift announced the project for her upcoming Taylor Version album: Speak Now, which is set for release on July 7. Swift surprised the audience with the news and followed the announcement with an acoustic performance of “Sparks Fly,” a song from her original 2011 album. The singer also collaborated with Phoebe Bridgers, her “Eras” tour opener, to perform her song “Nothing New” from her 2021 release “Red (Taylor Version)”. The two artists expressed their happiness at performing together for the first time in front of a sold-out stadium. Swift hinted at the surprise announcement, saying that she enjoys scheming and planning surprises for her fans.

What surprising songs did you sing on the third night when the storm was late?

The grand finale of her three-night hometown stand-up was delayed by nearly four hours due to lightning strikes near the downtown area. Finally, the show started after 10 p.m., but the second half of the three-and-a-half-hour set was accompanied by a steady downpour, drenching both the audience and Swift in the open space. Finally, the show ended after 1:35 am

As part of her “Eras” tour, Swift usually surprises the audience with a couple of improvised vocals or two piano-backed songs that aren’t on the setlist. During a Sunday performance (or early Monday, if those songs are performed after midnight), she unveiled the following unannounced additions:

  • “W would have, would have, should have,” a track from the “3 am” bonus version of Swift’s latest album, “Midnights.” For this rendition, Swift invited Aaron Dessner, co-writer and producer of indie rock band The National, to join her on stage.
  • “Mine”, a nostalgic song from her 2010 album, “Speak Now”. Earlier in the weekend, Swift revealed that “Speak Now” will be her next re-recorded album, “Taylor’s Version.”

Also Saturday, Swift captivated the crowd with a performance of “Fifteen” from “Fearless” and “Out of the Woods,” a single from her 2014 album, “1989.”

Squeeze her openers

Phoebe Bridgers debuted on the “Eras” tour as the main support act on Friday night. Despite the occasional rain shower on the vast stage, the singer-songwriter and her five-piece band gave an impressive performance, featuring fan favorites like “Kyoto,” the heartfelt “Graceland Two,” and other tracks from her 2020 album “Punisher.” “. . “

A pleasant surprise awaited audiences during the filming of Bridgers when Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker directed and formed the indie supergroup known as Boygenius. Together, they treated the crowd with their latest single, “Not Strong Enough.” The three musicians energetically traversed the stage, providing a captivating backdrop to Bridgers’ final single from the group, “I Know the End.”

Taylor Swift, in her own performance, expressed her excitement at Bridgers’ inclusion on the tour, calling her an incredible talent, a dear friend, and a source of creative inspiration. Swift was really surprised to have Phoebe Bridgers as part of the tour lineup.

List of songs by taylor swift at iras in nashville

  • “Miss Americana and the Prince of Heartbreak”
  • “cruel summer”
  • “the man”
  • “You need to calm down.”
  • “lover”
  • “Archer”
  • “Bold”
  • “you belong with me”
  • “love story”
  • “‘Tis the Damn Season”
  • “willow”
  • “Marjorie”
  • “champagne problems”
  • “tolerate it”
  • “Ready for it?”
  • “sensitive”
  • “do not blame me”
  • “Look what you made me do”
  • fascinated
  • “22”
  • “we are never ever getting back together”
  • “i knew you were trouble”
  • “Nothing New” (with Phoebe Bridgers)
  • “It’s All So Good (10-Minute Version)”
  • “1”
  • “my house”
  • “The last great American dynasty”
  • “August”
  • “illegal affairs”
  • “My tears are swaying”
  • “cardigan”
  • “style”
  • “Empty space”
  • “get rid of”
  • “wildest dreams”
  • “bad blood”
  • Sparks Fly (surprise song)
  • “Teardrops on My Guitar” (surprise song)
  • “lavender haze”
  • “anti-hero”
  • “Midnight Rain”
  • “Vigilante S—“
  • “jeweled”
  • “Mastermind”
  • “Karma”

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