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‘That was the intention behind it’ Millie Bobby Brown reveal palns to adapt her novel Nineteen Steps into movie amid her wedding plans


Millie Bobby Brown, renowned for her role in Stranger Things, has revealed her plans to adapt her debut novel, Nineteen Steps, into a feature film. This exciting revelation came during her appearance on the Lorraine show on September 12. Brown’s novel is based on her grandmother’s experiences in London’s East End during World War II. Here’s what Brown said. 

Millie plans to adapt her novel into movie

When asked by the show’s host, Lorraine Kelly, if she intended to turn her book into a movie, Brown enthusiastically responded, “Yes, definitely. That was the intention behind it. Naturally, I just want to create more, so, yes, this is a great foundation.”

Set against the backdrop of East End in 1942, Nineteen Steps is now available for purchase. The story revolves around an 18-year-old girl named Nellie Morris, who appears destined to marry her childhood friend, Billy. However, Nellie’s life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes intrigued by an American airman named Ray. A tragedy during an air raid dramatically alters the course of her life.

About Millie’s Nineteen Steps Novel

The inspiration for the book is deeply personal, as Brown’s grandmother shared stories from her own childhood during World War II, initially leading the young actress to believe they were fictional. Brown shared, “My nan told me the stories when I couldn’t sleep at night and I think, for a while, and maybe until I was eight, I didn’t think they were real. And then I slowly realised that these were things that happened to her in her childhood, during World War Two.”

Bethnal Green, the book’s setting, holds sentimental value as it was her grandmother’s residence, and Brown spent many summers there. She explained, “It’s where my grandmother lived and I went there very frequently for summers and I bought that the other day. It was amazing just to go back and to reminisce on all that nostalgia, but it’s a really important place to her and to our whole family.” The Enola Holmes star added, “I’m very gravitated towards things that mean something to me and just more of a woman-centric role. I’m very, very committed to moving people with what I do.”

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Jake Bongiovi’s father will not be performing at their wedding

In addition to her literary endeavors, Brown is currently engaged to Jake Bongiovi, the son of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. While discussing her upcoming wedding with TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, the Stranger Things star humorously revealed that Jon Bon Jovi would not be performing at the event. Brown believes her prospective father-in-law deserves a break from his hectic schedule, including tennis and singing classes, joking that perhaps he needs a “three-hour break.”

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