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The center authorizes Delhi Education Minister Atishi to visit the UK


The center informed the Delhi High Court on Wednesday that it has given permission for Delhi’s Education Minister Atishi Marlena to visit the UK for an official visit next week.

The Court of Chandra Dhari Singh has settled the case following the statements made by the Centre’s counsel that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) has given political clearance on Tuesday and the matter has now been referred to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the petitioner who has filed a diplomatic statement. passport, can apply for the required visa requirement.

Earlier, Delhi’s education minister informed the court through her plea that she had been invited by the prestigious Cambridge University to speak at a conference on ‘India at 100; Towards a world leader’, which will take place on June 15.

Seeking intervention from the Delhi High Court, the minister further stated that the concerned authorities are delaying travel authorizations from June 14 to 20.

The petition states that Atishi has been invited by the university in her official capacity on June 15 and that the Education Minister of Delhi will visit several primary schools in the UK after that. She has also organized meetings with potential teacher training partners to make the most of her visit to the UK and ensure Delhi’s children benefit from best practices in primary education abroad.

The power to grant or deny travel authorizations to ministers of state is exercised by the Union of India.

“Subsequently, in accordance with the aforementioned memorandum, Petitioner applied for relevant permissions. Administrative approval for Petitioner’s travel request dated 18.05.2023 was granted by the GNCTD. Then, more than a week later, the Lieutenant Governor approved the proposal on 26 May and forwarded to the Union of India for required approvals,” the plea read.

Certain questions were asked on May 31 and then on June 5, which were immediately answered. Without a decision on such approval, the current petitioner will not be able to apply for a visa authorization for her proposed trip. Once the approvals are obtained, the process of applying for and obtaining a visa will itself take some time and the petitioner suspects that the delay caused by the responding authorities will make the proposal for the official visit completely fruitless and irretrievably prevent the administration and schools of Delhi from benefiting from this visit can benefit,” the plea added.

Updated: June 07, 2023, 7:43 PM IST

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