The Hand Otto’s little girl Alicent Hightower is known as perhaps of the most arresting person in House of the Dragon.

An American dream series, “Rounds of Thrones,” that took everybody’s breath away with its visionary is back with its prequel House of the Dragon. The show has concocted invigorating cast individuals that have proactively grabbed the watchers’ attention.

Out of the relative multitude of characters that most entranced the aficionados are Otto and Alicent Hightower. Also, the actual cast plays exciting parts that invigorate the watchers deeply.

Round of Thrones enthusiasts is well-acquainted with the popular House of Targaryen, known for Dragon. The main time of the series “Place of the Dragon” has delivered its most memorable episode, with the rising publicity among its watchers. Who Are ‘The Hand’ Otto And Alicent Hightower? Alicent Hightower’s dad Otto is The Hand of the King and Prince Daemon’s political adversary. He serves the domain and King Viserys.

As Otto’s little girl Lady Alicent experienced childhood in the Red Keep, turning out to be essential for the lord’s inward circle. In the series, she is renowned for being “the most attractive lady in the Seven Kingdoms.”

Welsh entertainer Rhys Ifans depicted the job of the Hand of King Otto. In the mean time, Olivia Cooke played the personality of the adult Alicent, and Emily Carey got given a role as the youthful Alicent.

Until further notice, their personality has gained the most consideration from the watchers in the House of the Dragon. The fan who have watched the Game of Thrones are very mindful of her significance in the series.

She filled in respectability as her dad kept on serving his job when Viserys Targaryen governed as the lord. The person jobs become more exciting when Aemma Arryn’s significant other Viserys dies.

Her dad, who turned into the Hand of the lord in the wake of being a knight, has perhaps of the most imperative job in the series that would leave a mark on the world for Hightower’s bloodline.

While the watchers’ are amped up for the future episodes and the destiny of the Targaryen and Hightower, tragically, they need to trust that more will find out about the show.

Hightower Family Tree Sketch With Parents and Children Alicent Hightower was born to her parent Ser Otto Highway, Lord Hightower’s more youthful brother. In spite of the fact that her dad is basically the significant person in the series, her mom’s whereabouts stay obscure for the present.

Otto, who filled in as Jaehaerys I, Viserys I, and afterward as a Hand of the King, has a few kids, and Alicent is one of them. She wedded Viserys I Targaryen after his most memorable spouse, Aemma Arryn, died.

She later has offspring of her own viz, Aemond, Halaena, Daeron, and Aegon II; in any case, she has likewise kept a decent connection with Rhaenyra Targaryen, her step-little girl.

Course of events Gap Between GOT And House Of The Dragon According to the series, the Timeline Gap between “Round of Thrones” and “Place of The Dragon” is around 200 years.

Following the series, the occasions in House of The Dragon happened 200 years GOT. It covers the occasions of the Targaryen battle of progression, otherwise called the “Dance of the Dragons.”

Outside the series’ dream, Game of Thrones runs from 2011 to 2019. In the interim, the House of the Dragon got debuted on 21 August 2022.

The series comprises of the historical backdrop of the House Targaryen and its start and end. The primary season contains ten episodes.

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