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The Marvels hasn’t really lived upto its hype; Here’s why


The Marvels is getting some pretty negative feedback from movie critics. They’re not too impressed with the humor, the lengthy musical segment, and the storyline of the film. Dive into the reasons to know more.

5 Reasons why The Marvels is receiving negative reviews

The Marvels 2023

Humor Falls Flat
The humor in The Marvels feels a bit forced, with too many quick-witted jokes that remind viewers of previous Marvel movies. Over time, this kind of humor, originally popularized by The Avengers, has started to wear thin. Although Thor: Ragnarok was a success with its humor, The Marvels seems to overdo it, at times, overshadowing the story itself.

“The bits of absurd comedy tend to feel strained.” – Owen Glieberman, Variety

Musical Misstep
The movie includes a surprisingly long and somewhat out-of-place musical segment, inspired by the character Ms. Marvel’s solo series. It features a planet of people who communicate through song and dance. While this might sound interesting, it makes the movie a bit shallow and hard to connect the segment. 

“At least [Nick Fury]’s saved the indignity of the MCU’s second and by far the worst song-and-dance sequence” – Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

The Marvels 2023

A Messy Storyline
The story of The Marvels lacks cohesion, with critics describing it as the “messiest Marvel movie.” The combination of powers from Kamala Khan, Monica Rambeau, and Carol Danvers as they team up against a tyrant named Dar-Benn is somewhat lost on the audience. It appears to be more of a sequence of set pieces rather than a coherent narrative.

“The messiest Marvel movie.” – Matt Singer, ScreenCrush

Too Much Technical Talk
The movie’s dialogue contains a lot of technical jargon, something that’s become a tradition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, in The Marvels, it seems like they’ve gone overboard, with excessive nonsensical explanations that are annoying to the critics.

“I would have just liked to see a little more story and less pseudo-science.” – Linda Marric, The Jewish Chronicle

The Marvels 2023

Character Chemistry Lacking
While The Marvels has the potential for an interesting dynamic between its three leading ladies, the execution seems lacking. The interactions between Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Kahn, brought together through cosmic intervention, should have been a strong point. However, some reviewers find the camaraderie unconvincing and poorly scripted.

“These personas are so poorly scripted that audiences will surely feel the grating lack of chemistry and creativity.” – Mike Massie, Gone With The Twins

Marvel Fatigue
With nearly 15 years of the MCU dominating the big screen, both audiences and critics are starting to feel fatigued. Many recent Marvel offerings, apart from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, haven’t been warmly received. The Marvels might be the tipping point for some, as they find themselves faced with yet another CGI-heavy, overly comedic, formulaic Marvel film.

“The clearest evidence yet that maybe we don’t need some sort of Marvel product in theaters or on streaming at all times.” – Christy Lemire,

In a time when audiences are looking for fresh and engaging content, The Marvels doesn’t seem to have hit the mark. With its mix of humor, music, and storytelling falling short of expectations, it leaves critics questioning whether the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still as captivating as it once was.

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