Water levels at Jacob’s Well rose just a few tenths of an inch after Monday’s rain, according to the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association.

WIMBERLEY, Texas — Water levels at a popular swimming hole didn’t rise much at all after Monday’s heavy rains.

According to that Wimberley Valley Watershed Associationwater levels at Jacob’s well Increase only a few tenths of an inch.

David Baker, chief executive of the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, said that’s because the soil is so dry. He said they need to see a lot more of these heavy rains to have an effect.

“We need another 23-24 inches by the end of the year to reach our average, probably between 13-15 inches to catch up,” Baker said.

Despite the low level, Jacob’s Well still attracts people who want to see it. Angelica Candelaria drove almost three hours from Port Lavaca.

“It’s easy, I don’t know, it’s reassuring. It’s just beautiful,” Candelaria said.

But she said she would really like to see it return to normal levels.

“I’ve only seen pictures and I hope to see it that way soon. I was hoping to see a little bit more,” she said.

Swimming has been banned since July due to low water. Baker said the low levels were caused by the drought and groundwater pumping from homes in the area.

The lack of water flow at Jacob’s Well has also affected Blue Hole, which normally receives water downstream from Cypress Creek. It was also closed for swimming due to high levels of bacteria.

Baker and Candelaria hope the water level will rise soon.

“The deficit we are in we are making up for with even more rain so we hope this trend can continue because it is a dire situation for this special place and you know it is so important to our community is,” Baker said.

Baker said in addition to the rainfall, he’s encouraging people who live in the area to reduce water use by reducing things like watering their lawns.

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