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TJ Holmes and Amy Robach flee New York ahead of ABC talks


They must run away!

After we reported that Amy Robach was spotted solo fleeing New York from JFK on Tuesday, we learned that TJ Holmes escaped with her.

Sources tell us the heat is coming to the ‘GMA3’ lovers – and after they were seen together recently frolicking in bars in New York and Miami, they’ve gone stealthy again.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach
TJ Holmes and Amy Robach fled New York.

“They’re on leave, so might as well spend the time wisely – and away from the spotlight,” a source close to the couple explained.

Another source confirmed that “they want to keep a low profile” and revealed that “not many people know they are together”.

“[The nonstop coverage of the scandal] becomes exhausting. They underestimated that when something like this happens other skeletons come out. And they are still married,” the source pointed out.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
Amy Robach was seen leaving JFK on Tuesday for her trip with TJ Holmes.

T.J. Holmes
Amy Robach was seen leaving JFK on Tuesday for her trip with TJ Holmes.


Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
Amy Robach was seen leaving JFK on Tuesday for her trip with TJ Holmes.


Sources with knowledge of the couple’s situation previously told us that Robach and Holmes felt like they were “literally being stalked” by cameras and that it was “really extreme and ugly” when they were followed and the case was revealed last November.

“They are journalists, so they understand, but they have a right to privacy. The whole concept of being ‘harassed’ is really shit,” said a third source. We are told they are “dismayed” at being followed and photographed.

It’s unclear where the scandalous duo reportedly headed on Tuesday, but sources tell us Robach is attending Turks & Caicos and preparing to celebrate his 50th birthday on Feb. 6.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach
Holmes and Robach will participate in a mediation session with ABC on Thursday.
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The birthday “was going to be a big deal for her” before their explosive affair took over, we heard.

Meanwhile, negotiations with ABC are ongoing. On Thursday, the couple will appear on Zoom together for mediation with ABC, according to TMZ — and it looks like it’s shaping up to be all-out war.

We hear that ABC is “waiting on the West Coast for answers” – like at parent company Disney, which is located in Burbank, Calif.

Representatives did not comment.

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