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TJ, Janet Jackson’s nephew, issues a clarification after he mocks his aunt’s performance; Read the details


Janet Jackson’s nephew TJ cleared the air after making headlines for allegedly criticizing his aunt’s performance on social media. TJ Jackson set the record straight with his “apparent” remarks about Janet Jackson and took to social media to quickly clear up the confusion. “There will never be another Janet Jackson,” he wrote in his official handles. TJH has stated that she is irreplaceable and there is no other female artist who has influenced him more than her.

He also added that he could never think of demeaning his aunt or any member of his family. He added that he respects his family members a lot and looks forward to and loves them. TJ Jackson continued that to others they are legends, but to him, they are global icons and his family. He concluded by saying that women can be sexy and sensual, but there is a line that, if crossed, can affect young men in a different way. Check out the tweets here –

What did TJ say about Aunt Janet Jackson?

TJ Jackson, who is the youngest son of Tito Jackson, has recently been embroiled in controversy due to a statement he made to his aunt, Janet Jackson. I shadow Janet for her sexually charged performance. After watching a video of her concert, TJ tweeted that “it degrades women and makes them into something unhealthy.” In her “Would You” music video, she is seen seductively dancing and imitating oral sex, to which TJ reacted saying he never liked it when she sang it during concerts.

He added that when women are overly sexualized in art, it degrades them and makes them objectified in undesirable ways. He stated that he loves “That’s The Way Love Goes” Janet. Soon after sharing his views on social media, TJ was criticized for being disrespectful to his aunt.

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