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Top Chef Season 20: From the contestants to guest judges and shooting locations, here are all the details


Season 20 of Top Chef will premiere March 9, 2023, Thursday at 9 PM EST on Bravo. The upcoming season contains several changes to the show’s format including it being filmed outside the United States for the first time and chefs from each sub-region in the series competing against each other. In this article, we will explore more details about Top Chef 20 season.

Top Chef Season 20 filming locations

For the first time Top Chef Season 20 is filming in London, UK, and some of this year’s filming locations include Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London Bridge, Palace of Westminster, Alexandra Palace Sports and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

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In each episode of the upcoming season, contestants will primarily compete in two challenges: Quickfire and Judges Tables. Hosts Simmons, Colichvhio and Padma Lakshmi along with a guest judge will decide the contestant’s performance during the challenge and whether or not they advance in the competition.

Top Chef season 20 recap

The synopsis of the upcoming season promises an upcoming head-to-head battle between all the stars of previous seasons. They will have UK ingredients to show off their cooking and creativity in the varied challenges.

Top Chef season 20 contestants

Here is the list of contestants who will be competing against each other in the upcoming season:

  • Buddha Lu
  • Dale McKay
  • May Phattanant Thongthong
  • Samuel Albert
  • Luciana Berry
  • Sarah Bradley
  • Rodrigo begonia
  • Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Omar Santana
  • Sylvia stachira
  • Don Burrell
  • Ali Ghazzawi
  • Tom Guter
  • Nicole Gomez
  • Victor Globe
  • Charbel Hayek

Top Chef Season 20 guest judges

  • Aquiles Chavez
  • Helen Darrows
  • Lorna Masseko
  • Martha Ortiz
  • David Zilber
  • Gajjan Anand
  • Sam Bompas
  • Tom Brown
  • Jeremy Chan
  • Brett Graham
  • Max Haley
  • Adam Handling
  • Angela Hartnett
  • Graham Hornigold
  • Judy Joe
  • Asma Khan
  • Santiago Lastra
  • Greg Marchand
  • Claire Smith
  • Kirk Westaway
  • Andrew Wong
  • Paul A. Young

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