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Trumps home infiltrated by every major intelligence agency senator


According to Democratic Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was likely infiltrated by “every significant” foreign intelligence agency.

Reed told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday that the FBI, which discovered several classified documents while executing a search warrant at the Palm Beach, Fla. residence, was “extremely serious,” adding that the “very serious” Documents “must be kept in secure facilities .” He weighed possible violations against foreign intelligence agencies after Mitchell recalled an incident involving a Chinese woman suspected of spying after she was exposed to a USB stick containing a containing malware was found upon entering Mar-a-Lago.

“Your point is very well made,” Reed said. “Not just the Chinese, but I’m pretty confident – just a general feeling – that every major intelligence agency in the world has been swimming in and out of Mar-a-Lago throughout his presidency and beyond… He’s been known to do open business with foreign executives make and make statements that may actually imply… sensitive information.

“This is a situation where there is no excuse,” he continued. “A fundamental lesson anyone who deals with classified information learns is that you can’t talk about it. Second, you have to secure them. And you certainly can’t take them with you.”

Reed also lashed out at Trump for “feeling he owned everything” and being dishonest about the documents. He called Trump’s claim that he “declassified” the documents seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid “completely unfounded.”

Reed said that “notifying the authorities who created the documents that they were declassified” was “one of the rules” of declassification, along with keeping the documents “properly maintained and stored,” which Trump has not done.

“You’re looking at a situation where the President didn’t just remove those documents without authorization,” Reed said. “But then, for many, many months, he and his associates insisted they didn’t have them … All of this, I think, adds up to some serious, serious misconduct.”

Although Trump has claimed he declassified the documents in question, drawing ridicule from figures such as President Joe Biden, the documents’ classified status is not necessarily relevant to the federal laws mentioned in the search warrant, which include the Espionage Act.

Reed isn’t the only prominent figure to suggest that Mar-a-Lago may have been infiltrated by foreign spies during or after Trump’s presidency.

Former FBI official Peter Strzok – a frequent target of Trump and his allies due to his involvement in the Mueller investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election – said last Sunday that foreign intelligence agencies, including Russia, were “absolutely” looking for access would have to Trump’s property.

Stephen L. Hall, a former senior US intelligence official, expressed concern that Trump is keeping sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago while commenting last week on potential intruders including Inna Yashchyshyn – a Russian-speaking immigrant the FBI recently identified said she gained access to the documents belongings with a fake ID.

“The combination of this type of person (and she’s not the only one) coming to Mar a Lago and the presence of highly sensitive, unsecured documents there is terrifying,” says Hall tweeted.

news week has reached out to Trump’s office for comment. Trump’s home infiltrated by “every” major intelligence agency: Senator

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