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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2: Raquel Levis Admits Blaming Ariana Madix; Here is the shocking confession


Raquel Levis raises eyebrows after what she said about her relationship with Tom Sandoval. During the second part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Raquel made a shocking comment. Levis admitted she “blamed” Ariana Madix after she betrayed her trust and cheated on Tom Sandoval. This confession comes just before Sandoval warns Raquel that Ariana is about to “unleash” her. Ariana Madix will have an epic showdown with Raquel Leves in the upcoming installment of the reunion. And with that, more shocking discoveries are in store.

Raquel Leves admits she blames Ariana Madix

On Vanderpump Rules Part II, Raquel opened up to Andy Cohen about her relationship with Tom Sandoval. Raquel spoke about how Ariana was in denial about the issue and explained, “From what I know what Tom told me, she didn’t question him much about it, just on face value what he would tell her.”

Andy Cohen, who was interviewing the pageant queen, noted that it seemed like she was “blaming” Ariana for what happened. Raquel made a very shocking comment by admitting that she blamed Ariana during that time. Andy’s suspicions are confirmed by Leavis as she says, “At the time, I think that was my mindset.”

Raquel further explained how Ariana seemed “in denial” as her relationship with Sandoval was and never “pressured” them or “confronted” them while adding, “Now I know, she [Ariana] Really want to know. Raquel admitted that she now feels “ashamed” of her “disingenuous” behaviour.

Raquel admitted that she was in her “little reality” and was “hoping it would work out”. She also mentioned how Tom made her feel “heard and seen”, never having experienced that in a relationship, “maybe never”.

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Raquel Leves talks about confessing to Ariana Madix

Raquel also mentioned how she finally came clean to Ariana about cheating. “I was so hurt by it,” Raquel recalls of the time Ariana finally found out about the infidelity in March. She recounted what happened next and said, “She begged me to tell her when this all happened. … I told her the truth. And she said, ‘Thank you for telling me because Tom would never have told me the truth.’ It’s also revealed that Sandoval and Raquel originally planned.” For how long it took” to “hurt” Ariana less.

Ariana Madix and Raquel Levis

The second part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion featured Raquel and Ariana in the same room after news of the cheating scandal broke. The former best friends finally run into each other, Andy checks up on Maddix to ask her how she feels. In her response, she simply said, “I mean, no, but I had to face it.”

Raquel finally entered the room as Ariana chose to keep her head down and avoid eye contact with her ex-best friend. The final moments of Part 2 seemed like a ticking time bomb as fans waited for Ariana to face off with Raquel.

Raquel Levis will finally be confronted by Ariana and the cast members next week at the Vanderpump Rules Part 3 reunion that airs June 7, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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