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Vanderpump Rules shock reunion: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss defy the odds, confess eternal love


In a surprising turn of events during the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levis dropped a bombshell that defied all expectations. Despite the aftermath and aftermath of their months-long relationship, the bond between them is still going strong, fanning the flames of their love.

Confessions of unchanging love

During the third part of the reunion on June 7, the undeniable relationship between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levis took center stage. Host Andy Cohen wasted no time and directly asked Raquel if she was still in love with Sandoval. With a nod and a simple “yes,” Raquel confirmed that her feelings for him had not changed. It was a revelation that left the cast and audience in awe.

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Ariana’s boos and confrontations

Ariana Madix, Raquel’s ex-best friend, quickly expresses disapproval and unleashes her anger on Raquel. She resorts to swearing, calling Raquel “ugly” and “rotten on the inside”. However, Tom Sandoval has not been shy about his private feelings. After a long pause, he musters up the courage to admit to Andy that he, too, still loves Raquel, saying, “I’m sorry. Yes.” Ariana dismisses his confession as a pathetic joke, and resolves to make her feelings clear to Raquel, asserting that it is “nothing” and urging her to let it pass.

Motives, regrets, and harbingers of growth

In a separate interview with Andy Cohen, Raquel shed light on her motivations during the relationship. She reveals that she encouraged Tom to reflect on his happiness and to consider whether his relationship with Ariana has truly fulfilled him. Admitting her remorse, Raquel admitted her selfishness and offered a sincere apology to those she had hurt. The confrontation between Raquel and Ariana escalates, with Ariana making scathing remarks that leave no doubt of her anger and betrayal.

During the reunion, Raquel finally confronts Ariana, expressing her deep shame and regret at betraying her trust. She realized the pain he had caused and vowed to learn from her mistakes and grow as a person.

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Amidst tumultuous revelations and passionate confrontations, the enduring love between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levis emerged as a constant force. Despite the complexities and consequences of their actions, they bravely admit to continuing to sympathize with each other, defying expectations and leaving their colleagues and viewers amazed.

As the Vanderpump Rules reunion approaches, Tom Sandoval can’t contain his feelings anymore. Tears streaming down his face, he offered a heartfelt apology to Ariana, making it clear his understanding of the pain he had inflicted on her and reassuring his eternal love and unwavering support, even if forgiveness seemed a long way off.

The reunion provided a platform for raw emotions, shocking revelations, and intense confrontations as cast members grappled with the profound impact their actions had on their relationships and friendships. While the way forward remains uncertain, the ongoing love between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leves continues to challenge the status quo, leaving everyone wondering what lies ahead in this complex love triangle.

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