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Was Joe Jonas ‘less than supportive’ as Sophie Turner struggled after birth of second child? Read details


The reports on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s failed marriage came out as a massive disappointment for the duo’s fans, a couple of days back. Later, the speculations were confirmed after it was revealed that the American singer had filed for divorce from his British actress wife, at a court in Flordia a couple of days back. Even though nothing much was revealed about what exactly went wrong between Jonas and Turner, it was reported that the drastically different lifestyles played a big role in their split. Now, the latest reports by TMZ suggest that it is not just the lifestyle choices, that went wrong between the former couple. 

Joe Jonas ‘less than supportive’ as Sophie Turner struggled post-pregnancy

According to TMZ reports, Joe Jonas was ‘less than supportive’ as a husband, after the couple welcomed their second child in July 2022. If the latest updates are to be believed, Sophie Turner was struggling with post-partum issues and wanted to keep a low profile, while the singer was forcing his wife to attend more events. 

“After their youngest child was born a year ago in July, Sophie didn’t want to leave home… She didn’t want to be photographed or attend events. Nevertheless, she went to several events with Joe, but at one specific event, several people noticed how Sophie made it clear she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be there,” a source close to the estranged couple told TMZ. “Later, Joe complained Sophie was MIA and felt she needed to get out more when he attended another event shortly after. Then, It was clear that there was a strain in the relationship,” the sources further added.

Why did Joe Jonas file for divorce?

However, as per TMZ reports, Joe Jonas filed for divorce at the beginning of this week, after he was badly triggered by a ‘ring camera’ audio or video of Sophie Turner. The American singer apparently lost his cool after he watched what the Game of Thrones actress said in the clip, and decided to end the marriage. Notably, the ex-couple has been living separately, for over the last three months.

TMZ suggests that the tables turned soon for Joe Jonas as Sophie Turner soon started partying ‘too much’ and became less available to him. Within six months after their second daughter was born, Jonas started complaining about the same. However, the sources close to the singer added that he was supportive of her decision to get back to acting, even though there were many challenges in their relationship. 

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