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What does Francia Raisa say about Selena Gomez’s fans brutally bullying her online?


Francia Raisa is speaking out against cyberbullying by Selena Gomez’s fans.

Francia and Selena have been longtime friends with the former until she donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017. However, problems began in their friendship when last November, Selena commented that Taylor Swift is her only friend in the industry. Raeesa, who is an actress, responded to the singer’s rare quote as she wrote, “Interesting,” in a comment that has since been deleted. Later, Selena responded in a TikTok video by saying, “Sorry I didn’t mention everyone I know.”

Since then, Francia has dodged questions about Selena Gomez and the status of their friendship. However, the actress opened up about how she interviewed the 34-year-old Abec on TMZ about the cyberbullying she was subjected to by a section of ‘Selenators’.

Francia Raisa addresses cyberbullying by fans of Selena Gomez

Speaking to the media outlet, Francia shared the type of cyberbullying and trolling she was subjected to by Selena’s fans. “I think the one that’s probably the most hurtful is, ‘I wish someone would live up to you and cut out your other kidney, bitch,'” said Risa.

However, she added, no one “especially Selena” condones bullying in any way, shape, or form.

Raisa continued, “She literally has an entire non-profit dedicated to mental health. The fact that now I’m being bullied the way I am is mentally messing around. For me, that’s not what anyone wants. She’s literally there saying, ‘Please stop,’ so I I don’t understand others being antagonized online.”

How does Francia Raisa deal with hate comments on the Internet?

Speaking about how she handles the hateful comments, Raisa said she does her best not to pay attention to the bullying. “I’m so happy. I’m living my life. I’m sending love to everyone. I understand. I’ve been a huge fan of people growing up myself. I totally, completely, completely get it, but it’s not like that,” she said. With anyone, please stop.”

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