Sold out by Dr Alex Jeffrey with her better half  Dr Alex is a hitched man, but since he was not content with his marriage, he began an extramarital undertaking. Dr. Alex Jeffrey had been dating a young lady for quite some time. Furthermore, this time, his sweetheart was conveying a child for him.

So Alex additionally guaranteed her sweetheart that he would wed her to get their unborn kid’s future. Yet, every one of his commitments were phony since he was intending to kill her. In any case, he didn’t feel that now her significant other was no more and she took care of her young children.

The day of death of Merceda Young: She was killed severely. She went on a ride with Alex, and on the East River, Dr. Alex Jeffrey went after her and cut her multiple times. The lady was three months pregnant. Also, when she died, Alex tossed her in the River with her assets like her jacket, PDA and another things and left the spot.

At the point when Young’s family reports a document for her missing, the police start their examination. Furthermore, in the span of two days they tracked down the body and began the quest for the blameworthy individual. This occurrence was finished in October 2013.

Consequences of the police examination: At the point when the police began their examination, they went to Young’s home and inquired as to whether he had the suspect on somebody. Then he told the police her mom had gone on a drive with her sweetheart.

The police then began gathering proof against Allex. Furthermore, when the proof was displayed to the court, obviously Alex has done that homicide. Alex likewise admits his wrongdoing.

What’s more, for his modest work, the court rebuffed him for spending his 20 years of life in jail. Yet, this discipline was likewise extremely less for him since he grabbed a mother of two children who didn’t have their dad.

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