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What is Captain Tsubasa NFT? Here’s everything you need to know


Anime’s Most Wanted series, “Captain Tsubasa NFT”, hit the screens on March 2, making fans put aside their work and get the premiere, first ticket. Which makes a lot of people who aren’t connected to the anime world raise their eyebrows and wonder how NFT will play out in the series.

What’s all the fuss about the Captain Tsubasa series and NFT sharing?

Captain Tsubasa NFT, and based on the new “Ball Is Our Friend Project”, pays homage to the classic anime series, paving the way for Japan’s cultural heritage. It has attracted supporters from all over the world, including Japanese soccer legend Shinji Kagawa, who serves as its ambassador.

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Captain Tsubasa NFT (Credits: IMDb)

The target behind Captain Tsubasa NFT

The main goal of the series is to connect with people and the land through which charity can grow and promote Japanese soccer culture all over the world. These limited-edition souvenirs highlight the iconic 283 sequences, which contain an additional 333 moves featuring creator Yoichi Takashi’s original art style.

The essence of this initiative is to promote “world peace through the power of football” by bringing together football fans from all over the world. The project is backed by Double Leap Tokyo, a Japanese startup that acts as a broker for NFT-focused platforms.

Captain Tsubasa NFT Sale

If you enjoy anime series or are an avid NFT collector, Captain Tsubasa NFT is definitely for you. Our Friend’s Ball Project honors one of the most popular Japanese soccer anime series of all time.

Pre-sales for these collectibles will begin March 2nd at 2AM PT. Each whitelisted user will produce a limited edition gold NFT for 0.08 ETH.

The auction will start in two hours, at 4 am PT, with a set price of 0.01 ETH apiece. As a result, any user who mints three NFTs at the same time will receive one free digital asset.

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