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What is Kayla Unbehaun’s story about unsolved mysteries? Netflix show episode number and more details


Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is a mystery documentary show that features cold and disturbing cases. Since 1987, Unsolved Mysteries has shed light on murder cases, myths, and missing persons cases that could have gone unnoticed.

From 1987 until 2002, the late American actor Robert Stack served as the narrator for the original series, which aired on NBC. After the show ended in 2010, Netflix brought the show back in 2020. During the first season of the streaming service’s revival, 12 new episodes were released.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kayla Unbehaun’s story on Netflix:

Who is Kayla Unbehaun and what is her story?

The story is about a girl named Kayla Unbehaun, who mysteriously disappeared at the age of nine from Wheaton, Illinois, near her home in South Elgin. She was allegedly mugged by her non-custodial mother, Heather Unbehaun, who was only allowed to visit her daughter every two weeks, according to police.

According to police, a young Illinois girl who was allegedly kidnapped by her mother more than six years ago has been discovered safely in North Carolina after being identified through a Netflix documentary about her disappearance. The girl is recognized by a shopkeeper who watched the episode of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix featuring Unbehaun.

What is the episode number on Netflix featuring Kayla Unbehaun’s story?

Everyone is now eager to find out which Netflix Unsolved Mysteries episode features Kayla Unbehaun. After going missing for six years, the young Unbehaun is found, leading to a surge of interest in the full story. Below are the size (season) and episode numbers featuring Kayla.

Kayla Unbehaun, available on Netflix, is Episode #3 of Part 9. Episode 9 of Unsolved Mysteries Part 3 is titled “Baduced By A Parent”. The now unsolved mystery is solved as a result of the child’s recovery after six years. Even though Kayla has been missing for a long time, she’s still heartbreaking, so the fact that she’s been found and seems to be doing just fine is undeniably great news.

Where is Kayla Unbehaun now?

According to reports, Kayla Unbehaun and her father, Iserka Unbehaun, have been reunited. Family social services are provided to assist in this process.

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